June 16, 2013

Yahoo! It’s Done (Pretty Much!)meeko

You may have wondered what happened to me since my last blog. Well, I’m hear to tell you I’ve been a busy busy boy. I’ve been working on (with Gretchen’s help, of course) a new website and today I’m proud to announce the official launch of Triple Dog Pet Services!!! (Yes the red lettering is your cue to click on the title, which will take you straight to Triple Dog Pet Services.)

And because I know you’re a curious bunch, I will answer all of your questions:

1. Why a new website?

trioAs we’ve mentioned, there have been quite a few changes around these parts and to encompass the changes, we needed to create a new website…which lead to…

2. Why the new name?

Once again, to encompass everything, Wags n’ Words just didn’t cover it. So while Wags n’ Words is still the name of the blog and can still be found here, we didn’t feel like it really told you what kind of work we did.

3. Why Triple Dog Pet Services?

Now this is an interesting question. First, we offer three services: Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and Licensed Massage and Swim Therapy. 3= Triple, but there’s another reason. You see, in Chinese Astrology, it’s not just the year you were born that determines your astrological sign, but also the day and time you were born. And guess what? Gretchen’s Chinese Astrological sign (year, day, and time) are all Dog (Year of the Dog, Day of the Dog, and Time of the Dog), hence Triple Dog!

I’m sure you have many more questions, but if you check out the new website many of those questions will most likely be answered.

There are probably still glitches on the new site — sorry about that — but for the most part, it’s ready for public viewing!gang

Please feel free to share the new website to those who you think might benefit from our services. I’ll still be writing the weekly blog, Gretchen will still be taking photographs, and yes, we’ll still be out there walking dogs, pet sitting, and massaging and swimming dogs as well.

Hope to see you around!


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