July 12, 2013

Summer Rushrosiegreen

I just looked up and it was the middle of July

It astonished me, I cannot lie

The summer is racing by like never before

Seems like yesterday winter was at our door

But now it’s hot and my days are filled with light

The skies have been blue, and the sun quite bright

I’ve been swimming and hiking all over the place

And sleeping like a log in my soft sleepy spacebodhi

Friends are visiting, there’s activities galore

Just when I think we’re done, we find time to do some more

We’ve taken care of dogs just about every week

We’ve traveled far and wide, me in the back seat

We’ve kept on working taking long walks by the lake

Or swimming at the pool while eating sweet summer cake

On hot days we stretch out full length by the fan

Staying in the shade so as not to get too tan

Friends have stopped by to sit in our shadealbert

Old friends and new friends and ones we’ve just made

The summer is spinning, I’m feeling it crescendo

Tired and happy I know one day it will soon have to go

But for now I’m playing and laughing and hanging with friends

Forcing myself to forget that soon it will end

But not before I’ve worn myself thinthepack

Playing chase or off swimming again

There are more trails to hike and friends to make

Pup-sicles to lick, and dog treats to bake

There’s sun in the sky, with cloud punctuation

But summer’s not over, we’re still on “vacation”

Though sometimes it’s hard to see the delineationdora

Between working with dogs and summer vacation

Because it’s all fun, makes no difference the day

Sometimes we’re working, but to me it’s all play

With Monty and Woobie or Sonny the Man

Or Tyson and Rosie or Roux who’s my fan

With Henri and Bella the busy terrier pair

Or Dora the Explorer with her ears so fair

With Kali and Carter the spotted twinssonny

Or Bodhi and Chief all golden and buff

And my new friend Albert, who is mighty tough

Let’s not forget Theo, that bossy little girl

Who spins on the leash, romps and twirls

And my cousins of course, with whom I must cope

Feisty Ringo and sweet dear old Hopetyson

But there’s my Uncle and my lovely Aunt

Who make me so happy, I just have to pant

There are my human cousins as well

Who I think are absolutely swell

It’s just so busy, my head is all a flurry

I’m trying to slow down, but I feel I must hurrysummersmiles

There’s so much to do while the sun graces the sky

And you all know, I’m a pretty active, happy guy

So while my paws aren’t frequenting the keyboard much

And I’m not giving this blog its usual touch

Know that I’m still here, busy and indeed

A nice long nap is really what I need

But there’s another adventure to seek

And more dogs to walk this week

So forgive me, my friends, for failing to writewoobie

I must be outside when the sun is so bright

Hope your summer is as joyful and busy as mine

And whatever you do, love your loved ones and give them time

Because life is short and takes many a-turn

There’s adventures to be had and lessons to learn

And tails to wag and new friends to meet

Squirrels to chase and begging for treats

There are lakes in which to make a splash

volunteerparkAnd places to race, all in a flash

Wrestling and snuggling and warm summer nights

With mountains to climb  among other great heights

Sleep is for winter and so I am on my way

For this is the start of one more summer day

I will be back with photos and talespasturedog

But now I’m off to explore one more trail

Look for me out in the world, I’m the one with the wiggle

And together we’ll play and make ourselves giggle


Have a great weekend!

Mr. Wiggles (aka Rubin!)









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