May 30, 2013

posersI’m Alive!

Hey Rubin…what’s wrong, buddy?

Oh, I’m a little depressed, I think, Gretchen.

Oh no! Why’s that?

I think I’m feeling down after the passing of my friends, Ben and Ginger.

I know…it’s so sad.

I can’t seem to get over the sadness of it all. I mean, life is kind of short, isn’t it?theo smile

Yes, it is and dogs, I fear, never live long enough.

It makes it hard to write my blog this week.

Are you thinking about  how much you miss them?

Yes. I can’t seem to shake the sadness.

Oh buddy. It’s hard, I know. But with time, the ache will ease a bit.

Will it go away?

It never really goes away, I’m afraid, but it softens some.

Softer would be nice. Right now it just hurts.gang

When I feel like this, you know what I do?

No, what?

I think about all the people (and dogs) who love me and how much I love them.

Does it help?

Yep because it makes me realize that, while death is a part of my life, life and living are part of it too.

You mean life is part of life?roses

I know it sounds weird, but life is part of life and death is part of life, too, but if we allow ourselves to feel the life as much as we feel the death then the losses aren’t as painful.

How do you do it? How do think about all the love in your life?

Well for me, I just start listing them out and just saying their names help. Give it a try. Who do you love? Who loves you?

You and Momma Ann.withchief


Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Paul and Aunt Patti.

Keep going.

Cousin Lindsey and Nathan.

What about people who aren’t immediate family? What about other dogs?sunnyside

You mean like Monty and Quillette?


And their moms too…Colleen and Jessica.

Now you’ve go it.

I have a better idea…

What’s that?r/t

I’m going to make a movie. Give me a minute, okay?


(Minute passing)

Okay, I’m ready.

Show me.

Here ya go! (click on the title below)

Celebrating Life


That was great, buddy!sunbunnies


Do you feel better.

Why yes I do. I mean, I still miss Ginger and Ben, but thinking about celebrating their lives by living my life enjoying those I love seems like a good way to honor them.

Yes and they deserve to be honored because they were very special dogs.benched

And very special friends.

True true true.

Thanks for your help.

Anytime little man. I love you!

Love you too, G.

Have a good weekend everyone!





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