November 23, 2010

Short Day, Full Life

The snow was still here when I woke in the morning and though everyone moved super slow at our house, I finally got them all geared up in their snow clothes and we headed out the door. Of course, I was forced to put on my booties and coat as well, but I didn’t mind because we were headed to Monty’s house.

Tuesday’s usually aren’t Monty days, but since everyone else on our schedule canceled or shifted days, we decided to pick up Monty and let him out in the snow for a bit. He loves the snow as much as I do…but man, was it ever cold. I hate to admit it, but I was glad I had on my coat. Monty’

s kind of wooly right now so he didn’t mind the cold too much.

Of course, when we came across this guy…

…we were a bit worried because, well, he was frozen in one spot! I’m not sure if we posed behind this guy as a warning to all dogs who go out in the cold, but we certainly got the message.

But then two little friends in the window behind us informed us that they’d built a snowman and not to worry — dogs like us won’t freeze. Whew!

We had a great long walk and I got to pose with my moms overlooking the city and the snowy mountains…the city was snowy for that matter. We’re thinking of using this as our holiday card. What do you think?

Anyway, hanging with my buddy Monty this morning and then taking another adventure out in the snow this afternoon made me realize what a rich, full life I have. It also made me want to send out a thoughtful WOOF to my friend, Sheila, who is honoring the passing of her beloved Drew on this chilly November day. If you the love and kindness you showed me is any measure of the life Drew had, I know she was immensely happy as a member of your pack. Our thoughts are with you!

Until tomorrow,


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