November 24, 2010

Gobble, Gobble

It sort of turned into a Monty day. It wasn’t supposed to, but since I had a chiropractic appointment, Monty stepped in as the dog dog walker…well, at least part of the time. I suppose it was only fitting since he is the biggest turkey I know!

Hey, are you talking about me?

Oh, hi Monty. I didn’t realize you were reading over my shoulder.

Yeah, well, I thought maybe you were going to say nice things about me since I helped you out today.

You know I was only teasing, buddy. Your my best friend in all the world and I really truly appreciate your help today.

I should think so. I mean, you got to romp with me in the snow…

…then I went to the vet’s with you and did everything but held your paw.

Wait just one minute…I did well at the vet’s office.

Well, it started out kind of rough. You barked at her.

I was just announcing that she wasn’t the normal vet I usually see.

She was my vet and she’s wonderful!

You could have told me that before I met her.

Dr. Obondo is a great vet and I bet you felt a lot better after your adjustment.

Yeah, I have to admit. She wasn’t Dr. Geisler, but she was really good! But I don’t understand why I have to rest after an adjustment.

I think it’s because she knows you play hard with me and since Saber was on the docket today, it was probably a good thing that I played with him while you let your body relax.

I did relax, but it would have been a lot more fun to play in the snow with you and Saber…and Caesar!

It looks like you got your own adjustment from Caesar’s mom.

Just briefly, but it sure felt good.

Man, I sure wish I was there!

Don’t worry, Rubes, they’ll be another snow day this year I think. Besides you got to go on a walk with Oshi and Perrito.

Don’t get me wrong, I like them and everything, but they don’t enjoy the snow as much as you and I do.

It’s there loss, I guess.

Regardless, thanks for helping me today.

I appreciate the thanks, Rubin. I mean, after all it is Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your family time.

We will be!

Rubin and Monty (the big turkey!)

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