November 22, 2010


I woke this morning to this…

…there wasn’t enough snow to get excited about, but as the day continued, more snow, colder temperatures, and finally what they’re calling a blizzard! Oh, how I love a good blizzard.

But for most of the day, the snow was intermittent, but still enough to play in. And so we set out on our schedule a tad bit early, picking up Gemma for a romp in the snow! When we got to the field where we like to play, we ran into Caesar and a stray dog in the neighborhood named Baby (he belongs to someone, but he wanders around all the time).

We had a great time as you can see…and I just knew this was the start of a wonderful day!

Of course, next up were Oshi and Perrito and well, they aren’t nearly as excited about the chilly white stuff as I am. But they endured and I did my best to talk up the joys of snow, but as you can see, they were a bit skeptical!

Our final walk of the day was with Saber and I knew (I mean I really, really knew) that he’d feel as giddy as I was at the prospect of playing in the snow. And he did not disappoint! And we ran into Modoc, which always means a good time!

Both of us, though, have some muscle and bone issues, so Gretchen limited our play time…much to our disappointment. Still it was almost as fun to walk in the snow as it was to play in it. Well, almost…

Gretchen had to go work at the pool, but as it turned out, everyone canceled. Of course, by the time she figured all of that out, the snow had turned to blizzard conditions and she was stuck at work until the traffic jams sort of subsided. Luckily, the traffic jams that remained were not on her route home and though it took  her three times as long to get home, she still made it home safe and sound to the warm house and her own bed.

Who knows what Tuesday will have in store of us. I, for one, can hardly wait!

Until tomorrow,


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