December 8, 2009


I feel bad for the quick blog of yesterday, so I’ve decided to post a few of my favorite photos from yesterday and then I’ll post a new blog for today.

So here’s yesterday first…

"It's cold out here, isn't it?"
"It's cold out here, isn't it?"

"Hey, I'm on the bench like Monty!"
"Hey, I'm on the bench like Monty!"

"Uh oh! I have a feeling this is going to be a new favorite spot for photos!"
"Uh oh! I have a feeling this is going to be a new favorite spot for photos!"
You gotta love a crisp clear day when the Mountain is out!
You gotta love a crisp clear day when the Mountain is out!
"Rubin, do you get to come to this park all the time?"
"Rubin, do you get to come to this park all the time?"
The Great me, he's like really, really big!
The Great me, he's like really, really big!

Okay, I feel a bit better. Now onto today.

tenderfootTenderfoot, you ask? Well, it’s been very cold as of late. Cold means the ground is hard and kind of rough. Since I walk and play a lot on any given day, sometimes my feet get kind of roughed up. That’s what happened yesterday. So when I got up this morning and hobbled down the stairs and outside to do my business, Gretchen realized I was going to have to take it easy today. Plus, it’s still really cold, the ground is still really hard, and it’s all just a recipe for really tender feet!

So while I really wanted to play and walk more today, Gretchen went out on her own with many of ourouch clients while I rested my sore feet. I even have to miss agility class tonight because she’s worried that the bark all over the arena would irritate my roughed up pads. While I appreciate her care and concern, it’s kind of a bummer NOT to go to class though with the weather predicted to be down in the teens tonight, maybe it’s a good thing we’re staying home in a warm house!

I did get to go to school today, but that’s when Gretchen really realized how sore my feet were. I kind of tip-toed around the classroom all morning and while the students tried to nurse me back to health, I still struggled with the walking. So we picked up Ollie and then they walked me home so I could rest while Ollie went on a nice walk with Saber. Aren’t they cute together?


Saber walked Ollie backed to his house and then Gretchen walked Saber home. Afterwords, she picked up Rosie who she hasn’t seen for a week since Rosie’s family went to Hawaii! Hope they brought back some warm weather though I don’t think it’s made it here yet!


Rosie was a fireball of energy today so they went for a nice long walk through the park, around the school, and then up to the tractor at Bradner Gardens. Rosie patiently posed, but she was raring to go so they headed back down through the park and eventually back home. The way Rosie was feeling though, Gretchen says she could have walked for hour more! Unfortunately for Rosie, Gemma was waiting for her walk!


Gemma wasn’t as raring to go as Rosie, but she was still excited to head over to our house where she got to play with me for a bit. She was very gentle…well, as gentle as Gemma can be…once she realized I was a bit gimpy.



my turnneckwrestling

Still, we played in the winter sun in the backyard before we headed out for a walk through Judkins Park. Gretchen tried to pose  us in the sun, but it got kind of complicated because Gemma was warmed up and wanted to sniff around, not pose for pictures. Still, she was patient for a bit and then we headed off (at a bit slower pace than usual) back to her house where we dropped her off.

whichway?that way!


Since I was feeling a bit better (not as sore anyway) Gretchen let me go on a walk with Saber. Oh, he was thrilled to see me when he came out his front door and I have to admit, I was happy to see him. We headed through the tunnel and then to the Mt. Baker secret trail (well, it’s not that secret since we saw a bicyclist…that made Saber a little scared…and a runner on the trail).

new trailcomeon!

And yes, Gretchen posed us at that crook of a tree just like she did yesterday on our walk with Gemma. Oh boy! This really is going to be the new photo spot. I suppose it’s important to know that to get to that crook of the tree requires a bit of maneuvered climbing on our part. Gretchen tries to lead us up, but we are kind of high off the ground and as you can see, a bit precarious. Still, we wait patiently (albeit uncomfortably) while she snaps the picture…


…then we get to run around a bit and smell all the woodsy smells. I didn’t run too much — see my tenderfooted trot? But Saber ran a bit and enjoyed his time on a leash drag. His recall command is really going well!


It’s still mighty cold out there and tomorrow doesn’t promise to be much warmer. Hopefully my feet will feel better tomorrow and I can get out in the cold sun a bit more. I’m not complaining, but I do miss hanging with my friends.

Until tomorrow,


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