December 7, 2009

Six Degrees

There were only six degrees of separation today between the temperature low and the temperature high. Normally, this wouldn’t disturb me, but when the separation was between 25 and 31, well, I paid a lot more attention to the thermostat! Brrrrrr it was cold out there today, but we still had fun.

Unfortunately, though, I got home late tonight so I’m going to give a quick run down and then gallery the photos at the end of the blog. Sorry, it’s not up to my usual snuff, but I promise to be better tomorrow. This holiday season is starting fast and furious and the clock is spinning at lightning speed these days.

Okay, on with the day…it started with Oshi and Perrito who were, despite the cold, happy to see us. We went for a walk, played at the tennis courts and then went for an even longer walk. They liked that. I liked it too, though I wasn’t too pleased when Perrito stole my ball. He’s getting kind of …shall I say it? …ballsy lately!

Next up was Gemma who was also thrilled to see me. We went for a walk that took us to the trail above the beach where Gretchen posed us high up on the curve of a tree and then let us run around. Well, I ran around and Gemma tried to stop me, but you get the point.

The day ended with Saber who also got a nice long walk to another wooded trail where he, too, watched me run around. He also chewed on sticks and was most impressed with a friend on the trail, Gatsby. Yep, an adult Gatsby is probably the size Saber will be when he’s fully grown. Big boys, I tell, ya, big boys.

And that was it. Seems short, I know, and it’s amazing that I’m this tired, but holiday shopping can take it right out of you after a long day of work!

Put on your sweaters, kids! 18 degrees tonight and the highs in the 20s tomorrow. Woo wee!


Oh, here are the photos from the day complete with pictures of the mountains!

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