December 9, 2009


I have a problem. It may not seem like a big problem, but for me, it’s kind of crucial that things warm up around here or I may die of dehydration. Let me explain. I love to lap up a cool drink of fresh water just like any dog, but I have a peculiarity. I like to drink from the water dish on the back porch. That water just tastes better. I’m not sure why since often it’s filled up at the same time the inside water is, but still, it just tastes better and somehow I feel it is better for me.

Well, for the past few days, our temperatures have dropped well below freezing. This morning, in fact, it was 17 degrees. At the warmest part of the day, the thermometer squeaked its way up to 30 degrees. Still below freezing. Therefore, my water bowl is frozen solid most of the time except when someone takes the time to thaw it out in the sink and fill it with fresh, liquid water.


That doesn’t happen as often as I like and them I’m forced to sip from the inside water to stave off dehydration. I am not a happy dog.

No one else appears to be bothered by the cold. Take for instance Monty, our first walk of the day. He was raring to go this morning when we picked him up and couldn’t care less that we walked up every hill and every set of steps so Gretchen could warm up. She was so cold she was hesitant to take our her camera and snap of few photos because it meant taking off her gloves.

But when she saw the opportunity, she nabbed it and took a few photos of the two of us perched on the rock at the top of the stairs.


We were good sports until we heard something rustle in the bushes. SQUIRREL?


Who knows what it turned out to be though Gretchen let us smell in the bushes since we’d been so patient with all the photography!

We continued up and up and then back down the hills (once Gretchen was warm) toward home where we received our lunch and I made an attempt to drink from the outside water. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my almost 3 years of life is never NEVER put your warm tongue on a block of ice.

So while Monty practiced begging for more lunch or at least a snack…


…I begged for fresh outside water.


We both got what we wanted!

Next up for Gretchen were Gemma and Saber. I think Gretchen should have walked them first because talk about a way to warm up! Those two LOVE each other and once they see the other one, they are a handful to walk. Gemma butts into Saber and Saber burrows his head into Gemma…all the while, Gretchen does her best to keep the leashes untangled until they get to the tennis courts where she lets them run and play and wrestle to their heart’s content.



And while they were playing, Hattie showed up, but decided not to come in the arena to play with them. Smart dog that Hattie!

hattiestay out here

Soon they got back to playing and Saber practiced shoveling  Gemma across the court!




Once they are sufficiently worn out, they all go for a walk and this time Gretchen doesn’t have to work as hard to keep them apart, but still, it’s a work out!

After Saber and Gemma went home, Gretchen picked up the boys next door. Oshi wasn’t so sure because, as I’ve said, it’s mighty cold out there. Oshi did his business quickly and then turned to go back home, but Gretchen made him go for the entire walk before she let him have his way. Lucky for Oshi, they found a warm spot in the sun for a rest!


It’s really pretty funny how Oshi walks way behind Gretchen as the go out on the walk and then, when he knows they’ve made the turn toward home, he is all business about getting back. Very different personalities on the leash, those two!

homenow?keep playing



Oshi was thrilled to go home, though Perrito would have enjoyed another hour or two!

For our final walk of the day, we got to play some fetch with Saber. He was very excited when Monty and I showed up and Monty and I were equally excited to know that we got to play fetch at the little field.





Yes, my tender feet are feeling better today, but the ground is still frozen…still as frozen, in fact, as my water dish!

Until tomorrow,


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