October 6, 2009

city colors

The Color of Magic

Color is always there. I see it all the time whether it’s the bright orange of my favorite ball, the silvery, slippery shake of a squirrel tail as it races up the street, or the green open field where we go to play fetch. The lake is blue, the mountains are white, then black, and the colors of the dogs we play with, walk with, and pass by are a multitude of wonderful colors.

But when September rolls into October and October temperatures cool off every morning and evening, the colors of Seattle slowly turn into something glowing. Today, we focused on colors. Gretchen pulled out her camera to try to capture it all and what she didn’t capture in photos, I’ll try to capture in words.

I went to school with her today and there I helped the students work on their writing skills. Being such a skilled dog writer myself, I thought I’d impart my words of wisdom. They seemed to appreciate it because they petted my head, played with my ears, and let me rub against their legs.

After my lesson, we picked up an excited Ollie. all colors

“Hey, Ollie,” I asked.

“Yeah, Rubin, Ruby, Rubster, my good, bestest friend!” he bounced back.

“What’s your favorite color?”

“Color? Color? Let’s see. There are so many, how can any dog choose,” he danced and hopped, his tail moving in a blur of enthusiasm. “I know, I know, I know! I love them all. Yes I do, yes I do! The blues and the reds and the greens and the oranges and the purples and yellows, there isn’t a color I don’t like!” And with that we were off on a walk to Saber’s house.

Saber isn’t has excited as Ollie when we first arrive. He stretches and yawns and waits patiently for Gretchen to put on his leash. All three of us headed over to the tennis courts to play and then to our house for a short romp!

color manswirling

“What’s your favorite color, Saber?”

“Huh, color? Dude, let me wake up first.”

Moments later as were walking to our house he says, “I like the color of food.”

“What color is that?” I pressed.


He is a silly dog. It appeared that I was not going to get a straight answer from these two goofs, so I just played with them!


“Hey, Rubin?”

“Yeah, Ollie?”not swirling

“I know what color I like best.”

“What color is that, Mr. Goofy?”

“The color of fun! What color is that?”

“I think you had it right the first time, buddy. It’s all colors swirled together!”

“Swirl, swirl, swirl. How fun is that?”

See what I’m working with here? Well, Gretchen left me behind at the house so I could eat my breakfast (leftover from this morning) while she and Saber escorted Ollie back to his house. Then Saber went back home, too, though we knew he was on our schedule for later!

rosiliciousNext up was Rosie. I had Gretchen ask her what her favorite color was…

“Hey, Rosilicious, Rubin wants to know what your favorite color is?”

“Well, let me think about that.”

“Okay, but can we walk while you think?”

“No, not really. I must paws to contemplate the deeper meaning of my choice.”

“Okay then. You let me know when we can get moving.”

Long paws…that way

“It would have to be purple,” she finally answered and then they headed to Frink Park.

“Why purple?” Gretchen asked and once again they had to stop while Rosie set her brow in concentration.

“Well, at first I was going to say red because that’s the color of Tyson’s leash and since Tyson is my favorite dog in the world and I love him more than anything, I thought red would be a good representation of how I felt.”

“So why did you change it to purple?”

“Because when Tyson gets his leash on, I want mine on too. I want to go with him and when the purple leash is pulled off the hook, then I know I get to go and that makes me feel absolutely delighted.”

this way“That’s really sweet, Rose. Now, can we continue walking?”

“Sure thing! Let’s go up this way, okay?”

“Anything to make you happy, Rosie!”

“Well, that’s a different question, isn’t it?”

“You mean what makes you happy?” Gretchen asked.

“Yes.” With that Rosie stopped again to think it over.

“Oh, sweetie,” Gretchen said, “I wasn’t asking you what makes you happy. I was simply saying we could go whichever direction felt best to you.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“No apologies necessary. Just keep walking.”

“Okay.” And they were off again, up over the hill and back to Rosie’s house and along they way they took photographs of the changing leaves. Aren’t they beautiful?

red onespink and green

Next up was Gemma. Because Gemma is still on the mend, though she is without her cast, Gretchen thought it best to walk her alone. Therefore, she had to ask her the inevitable question of the day.

“Hey, Gemma. Rubin wants to know your favorite color.”gemma's ears

“He does? Why isn’t he asking?”

“He’s at home resting.”

“Resting? What a silly concept.”

“So? What’s your favorite color?”

“Hey,” Gemma smirked, “If Rubin wants to know he shouldn’t be such a lazy fella. He should be here so I can bumped into him while we walk. Then he could ask me himself.”

“Wow, that’s kind of cold.”

“Nope. I just miss him,” Gemma reported.

“I know. He misses you too. Maybe, though, if you told him your favorite color for his survey, he’d walk with you tomorrow as an early birthday present!”

“Well, okay,” Gemma gave in. “It’s red.”

“Why red?”

“Wait. I have to have a reason why I like this color? Is that part of his survey, too?”

Gretchen smiled. “No, I was just interested.”

“Well then,” Gemma relented, “I like red because I’m Irish.”

Gretchen thought about that for a moment and then said, “I thought the Irish color was green?”

“Is it?”

“I think so.”

“But why do all the Irish have red hair? I mean, look at me. I’m Irish and I’m covered in red!”

red girlmatching colors

“Well,” Gretchen tried to explain, “I think the Irish think they are lucky and that luck is green.”

“Oh my,” Gemma pondered. “I’m certainly not lucky. First my ear gets bit, now my toe is broken. I mean, I’ve worn that Collar of Shame more times than I can remember. Would you call that lucky?”

“I guess not.”

“Then I’m sticking with red. Maybe that will be more lucky for me.”

“Good choice.”

red pose

After their walk, Gretchen picked up Bella for a short walk and then she got to come visit me for a bit,pea patch dog after which we went for another walk down through the neighborhood pea patch.

“Hey Bella, what’s your favorite color?” I asked.

“That one!” she said, lunging to a blue flower. “Or maybe that one,” she said while hopping on a yellow daisy. “Or that one or that one or that one. Look at ’em all, would ya? How am I supposed to know these things? I’m just a pup!”

“Settle down, Bella,” I said. “It’s not a test. I was just wondering if you had a preference?”

Pea Patch dogs“Preff-rents? What’s that?”

“Something you prefer. Something you like more than other things,” I tried to explain.

“I like you,” she said slinging her long leg over my back. “And I like Gretchen,” she added pushing her nose into Gretchen’s hand where the treats are sometimes dispensed.

“Okay, okay. I can see this is going to be hard for you to decide. Get back to me about it, okay?”

“Yep, my people will call your people who’ll call other people…” she prattled on for awhile.

“Hey, where’d that come from?” I asked.

“My mom’s a lawyer. She talks like that all the time! I like her, too, by the way.”

A walk with Bella is a constant conversation. Not much is connected, but let’s just say, walking next to Bella can be entertaining. She’s getting better, much better, but I’m certainly tired after we drop her off.

sleepy friendsBut my work is not over. Nope, we head to Saber’s house after Bella and it’s like going from night to day. Saber is a sleepy evening, while Bella is a bright, bright morning, that’s for sure!

We headed over to the tennis courts for some romping time before we headed to school to meet up with our young friend, the student.



“What’s your favorite color?”

I expected a quick answer from my young friend, but Saber always surprises me. He took his time on this one and then said, after many tosses of the ball, “I think I’m too young to choose. I mean, I have yet to experience the whole world.”

“That makes sense,” I agreed, “But is there one color you like now, at this young age?”

“It would be red because that’s the color of my Kong where exciting things are kept for me to chew on while I’m waiting for you to come play with me.”

“That’s Gemma’s favorite color, too,” I told him and then we talked about when we might get to play with Gemma because Saber loves her and would love to romp around with her again some day.

Later he stopped me and added, “I think I like red because I really like Gemma. Is that okay to confess?”

“Certainly!” I reassured him.

And then we played. And then Desi showed up and we played with him, though Desi doesn’t play much.

stick guyplaying

prancingsad eyes


desi2new friends

But Desi does like to give high fives especially when Gretchen’s handing out treats. Of course, it’s hard to take a photo while giving a high five in return, but you can get the idea from this blurry photo that Desi can sky high!

high five

As for me, I am fond of many colors as well, but the colors of autumn are some of my favorites especially when they are first pushing away the greens. It’s like magic and I guess that’s what color I like the best. The color of magic!

Until Tomorrow,


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