October 7, 2009

Color Obsessed

fall colors

I know, I know. Two posts in a row where I’m going to talk about colors, but let me tell you something…if you can’t appreciate the beautiful colors of fall decorating our neighborhoods of late, then you need to work on your aesthetic sensibilities.

dahliacuYou like that? Aesthetic sensibilities. Yeah, I’m kind of a learned dog if you haven’t figured that out already. But seriously. It’s beautiful outside and we should be very thankful that we live on the west side of this state because I read in the newspaper this morning (yes, I read the newspaper, too!) that on the east side of the state, the temperatures dropped below freezing. Too cold to go outside and watch the leaves fire up with the radiant autumn hues if you ask me. So I’m happy I live on the west side of Washington because not only do we get to see the day to day color show, we get to do it in the warmth of the October sun!

That was our focus today. Not only did we walk dogs in the glow of the autumn sun, but we focused on all the color around us. And trust me, there was plenty of it.

First up was Oshi and Perrito. We searched for color and it didn’t take long until we came upon the magenta tones right before the tunnel to the lake. Of course, it was hard to capture the boys AND the color all at the same time, but due note who IS looking at the camera!

three boysred boys

And if you notice in that first photograph, Perrito decided that leaning on me was the coolest thing in the world. Gretchen did, too, so she caught a photo of the little man cuddling up to me. Even I have to admit, it is kind of cute.

cuddle time

Next up was Saber who we walked twice today. First in the morning…

red flowerscolor hill

…where the morning sun stayed at our backs lighting up the trees all the way down the hill.

And then again in the afternoon, where we played at the tennis courts, met a new friend, and sat in awe of the surrounding trees…oh, and notice the afternoon sun playing a different tune…or maybe that should be tone? First up, meeting Nanook, our new friend!

nanook meetingnanook2



Followed by play time amid the colors…

slamgoing under


flyingI'm happy

In between Saber in the morning and Saber in the afternoon was Gemma…

Gemma flowerssunflower

yellowsmiling dogs

Yes, the flowers were that orange and that yellow. We had to close our eyes they were so bright, but not for long because to get us to focus for this photograph, Gretchen bribed us with mighty tasty treats. Not that I need to be bribed, but Gemma likes it!

Of course, then we saw a bird fly by and trust me, it was a test of our wills to sit so still!

a bird?

Next up was Bella, who Gretchen walked alone. I got to rest at home as I’d already had a busy day, plus I needed to eat my leftover breakfast.

bella flowersbright flowers

As you can see, those flowers were bright for Bella, too!

whoa, dudebright orange

First Bella and Gretchen went for a walk…a really nice walk together. Then they headed to the tennis courts for the reward of playing. Bella was very appreciative!

serious bellahappy

hoppytoothy grin

While Bella played, Gretchen couldn’t resist taking photographs of the magnificent trees that surround the court!

flaminggreen and pink

up closeone more

Trust me, Gretchen took a bazillion more photographs of the amazing colors of the day, but I insisted she not make me publish them all. I mean, I could be writing this blog for hours if I had to put in all those photographs. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very beautiful photographs, but I do have other responsibilities!

Tomorrow looks like it might be as wonderfully colorful as today. I’ll try to focus on something else and get Gretchen’s camera to focus more on the action (us!), but I can’t make any promises!

Until tomorrow!


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