October 5, 2009

slobber mouth


I’ve read that poodles don’t slobber. I must not have inherited that part from my poodle father. I got my mom’s half Labradoodle part. I can drool. Not badly, but put a ball in my mouth for any length of time and it will be soggy when you go to put it away.

But my slobber mouth isn’t nearly as bad as some dogs.

wetmouthsTake Tyson and Rosie, who Gretchen walked today. There are spots all over Gretchen’s shorts (or pants) and backpack where Rosie or Tyson left a wet message for me to smell later. While I LOVE smelling the message, at times it can get a bit slobbery when Gretchen’s feeding them treats. She doesn’t seem to mind, but I know she’s glad that I’m not that drooly.

who me?sweet dogs

my head's wetsun dried

wall poseOshi and Perrito — I’m not sure, but I think they don’t drool. They rarely hold balls in their mouths and they aren’t that interested in Gretchen’s treats so there’s never much cause to see how wet their lips are. I also think that most of the moisture in their lives goes out in their pee, which, as you know, they do all the time on our walks! Well, except when playing or getting their photo taken on a nice sunny day.

flying drydrool catcher

areudrooling?running dry

nodroolGemma doesn’t drool at all. I think it’s because she’s so busy all the time — watching for birds, hopping around to see if another dog is close by, backing her butt end into me while we walk — that any slobber she might produce dries up in the breezy whirlwind she creates. We walked Gemma today who, as you’ll see, is cast free. Her toe is still broken, she still can’t romp around, but everyone decided that the cast wasn’t helping so off it went. Gemma is very, very happy about that! Me, too, because now I get to see Ms. Dry Mouth more often!

see, dry!


Bella doesn’t drool either, but she’s young still. Give her time. She just may produce some slobber if given a little more maturity and time. Of course, the same principle that applies to Gemma could apply to Bella. When given half a chance to run, she takes it and any wet mouth that may occur is sucked up in her speedy flight!

flowerearsit's not wet!

Of course, Bella really enjoys playing fetch and chewing on the ball, so maybe one day, she’ll hand back a wet ball when she’s done.

You never know. I mean, I wasn’t always a wet mouth!

drydrydrypretty dog

drying offears up

dry smilewhat?

Saber is going to be a slobbery boy. I can tell you this already. When we play, as we did today, my ears big toyare wet, my neck is wet, and there are drool marks all over my body. But I don’t mind. We have so much fun I hardly notice. Gretchen notices because when she gives him treats, just like with Rosie and Tyson, her hand is very wet.

sitting pretty

wet ball

like this?chase


The biggest drooler of all is Quillette. When Gretchen’s fixing her dinner, she becomes a waterfall. But we didn’t walk Quillette today so I’ll hold off on any further descriptions until we do!

Hey wait…speaking of dinner…when’s that happening? “Gretchen?”

Oh, until tomorrow,


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