October 2, 2009

Small, Magic Moments

red flashThere are moments in my day when magic happens. Not dazzling magic, just small moments when I stop and look at the world in awe.

Today was such a day — a day filled with little, magical awes.

The day started when Gretchen returned from teaching a bit earlier than expected. She changed into her dog walking clothes just as the rain started to really come down. We headed up the street to fetch Monty who woofed with excitement when he heard us coming, but sagged a bit when he saw the rain. “I know, buddy,” I said to him, “But look south. Do you see it?”

Monty looked at the southern sky and his eyes widened with a smile. “A sucker hole!”

A sucker hole is a patch of blue in an completely gray sky. It suckers you into believing that the rain just might stop and the sun might make an appearance. While that wasn’t the case as we headed over to Saber’s house, the magic was the possibility of sunshine. We watched that sucker hole for the entire walk with Saber and when Gretchen lead us to one of my favorite trails, I was overwhelmed by the magic of a rainy moment in the woods.

You must understand a few things about this trail. Not many people walk on it. It’s a nice path surrounded by woods and now that it’s fall, the changing leaves make it feel golden once you’re on the path. It’s also one of the paths on which Monty and I like to chase each other and get a little crazy. Saber had his magical moment watching us!

golden chasetag

It’s kind of blurry because we’re really moving. In fact, Saber can’t keep up and so watches from the path as I race through the trees!


blurrymore boxing

Then Gretchen asked us to stop. It took some effort, but eventually we behaved.

dirty dogsdirty nose

As you can see, we got a little wet and dirty and in my race through the woods, I got scratched right below my left eye. I’m okay, but I guess I better slow down on my favorite trail!

Saber went home happy and wet. He curled up in his crate, while we headed home to dry off and rest as well.  It was a magical feeling — that playful exhaustion — and so Monty and I were content while Gretchen headed next door to pick up the boys — Oshi and Perrito.

Perrito is recovering nicely from his de-manning surgery, though both dogs were upset they had to go for a walk in the rain. And boy, was it raining when they went out! So much so that Gretchen could only get a few photos before she had to tuck her camera back into it’s dry spot!

oshi in the rainfunnel head

catching rainsoggy doggy

Watch was the magic moment for the boys? Well, after Gretchen dried them off, they raced inside their house and then had a wild game of chase. It makes Gretchen laugh every time.

Bella was next and since Bella had a chance to play with me a couple times this week, Gretchen decided to take Bella for a walk by herself after they had a play session at the tennis courts. Bella sure loves my red tug toy so they played fetch and tug just as the sun came out. There’s a magic moment!

kill itchomp

tuggingPlaying tug is Bella’s reward for practicing her commands. For instance, Gretchen will ask her to sit or lie down, to wait or to heal and when Bella does it, she gets tug time.

What’s particularly magical about these moments is how Bella will do anything…and I mean ANYTHING to get the tug toy in her mouth.

She sits on the first command, she lies down with an enthusiastic flop, and she finds Gretchen’s left side without any reminders. I mean, just look at those focused, magical eyes!

focusedwhat next?

Once Bella got some of her ya-yas out (as Gretchen likes to call them) they went for a long walk up through the neighborhoods of Mt. Baker and down past the tennis courts where there’s a great view of the city. You can see how those rain clouds are scurrying away making way for some sun and blue skies!

city view

Yep, it was magical or so Gretchen says. Monty and I were resting nicely during all of this, but when she got home, we were ready for more fun and games. She leashed us up, we walked back to Saber’s house, and then we headed to the tennis courts (which were now dry) for some fetch.

Sabergo get it!

Do you see all those shadows? Yep, that sucker hole from the morning won out and we had a wonderfully, magical sunny afternoon in which to play!

watch outchasing big dogs

Monty ran a little, but mostly he hung out on his bench. I’m not sure why he likes that bench, but he sure does. Saber was a bit confused, too!

what's up?stretching out

I guess that bench is Monty’s magical moment…


Saber and I just kept playing!

on the runtouch this


That’s when we had a special visit by a magical moment. His name is Lazaro…which is spelled differently, but we like this spelling best of all!

the meetingmeeting Laz

Monty in particular thought Laz was very special.

nice ears

As you can see, Laz is a greyhound. He’s 12 years old and in really good shape. A little shy, it was still very special (yes, and magical) to spend time with him!


We sure hope all of you have some of your own magical moments this weekend.

Until then!


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