October 20, 2009

two dogs one treeA Fog in My Throat?

We woke up to fog this morning. Thick, cool fog that made me realize our sunny days are numbered. Plus it was dark. Like dark dark. You know the kind that makes it really hard to get out of bed in the morning? Yeah, that kind. Gretchen says she’s living with a teenager these days. That would be me. I don’t get up on time, she has to nag me in the morning to roll out of bed and eat my breakfast, though I often refuse to eat anything. This morning was no different. I mean, would you want to get up when you’re all nice and warm in your cozy bed?

That’s what I’m saying!

But out I got and soon we were making our way through the fog and the dark to school. Yep, I got to go again. Not sure why, but maybeollie smirk it was because the students still needed my help on writing. But by the time we left school, it was still foggy though not very dark. Gretchen had a bit of a cough and when I asked her if she was feeling okay, she said, “Sure, buddy. I just have a fog in my throat.”

Say what? I mean, yeah, it was foggy, but it can get into your throat? Weird. Humans are definitely weird.

But the fog in her throat didn’t stop us from a full day of dog walking. First up was Ollie who is sporting a whole new collar system that took us a moment to figure out. Funny, too, because the harness Ollie has is the same one Saber just got. By the time Gretchen got the harness on Ollie, she had no trouble putting the same one on Saber and off we went for a nice, long walk. See the fog in the background?

yawnthree dogs

After our walk, Saber and Ollie dropped me off at my house, Ollie escorted Saber back home and then he and Gretchen picked up Gemma who also wears a harness though slightly different than everyone else’s! Gemma was very excited to see her buddy Ollie, though Ollie’s excitement revved him up all the way to Gemma’s house. Gemma then walked Ollie home where they posed for some photos at the park.

at the parklooking up

By the time Ollie got home, it was just Gretchen and Gemma. They had a nice walk before Gemma headed home. Next up, was Bella who was equally excited to see Gretchen. I was resting at home and yes, finally eating my breakfast. Ironically, I was very hungry. Imagine!

Gretchen and Bella went for a long walk and on the way back, the stopped for some fall and fog shots. Yes, still socked in. I wonder if that fog was still in Gretchen’s throat?

ear upear down

silly face

Once Bella went home, Gretchen came to get me and then it was Saber’s turn again. We got to play at the tennis courts, which were now free. Earlier in the day, despite the fog, people were playing tennis so no dogs got to play there, but ironically, as the sun burned away the fog, the courts cleared up too and Saber and I had a great romp.


more rompingyellow ball


We also got to see our student friend at school and Gretchen showed him how to use the camera so he could take some photos of us. Gretchen rarely gets her picture taken with dogs because she’s always in charge of the camera. But the student really enjoyed snapping photos of us. He did a pretty good job, too!


Rubinbus stop

We took Saber home after that and then I got to rest at home while Gretchen took Wilson out for a game of fetch. I was bummed to know they were playing fetch, but then Gretchen swung by the house to let Wilson and I play a little in the backyard. I teases Wilson with the ball and Wilson did a lot of barking to try to get it back. Sorry, Charlie!

wilson smilingfetching

throw it!still playing


i wantplease


It was a busier day today than yesterday, but after my rest, I was prepared for it. I was hoping we’d get to go to agility class, but Gretchen still has that fog in her throat. Or maybe she said frog in her coat. Hard to say. Whatever it is, I sure hope it leaves so she doesn’t talk so funny anymore.

Until tomorrow,


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