October 19, 2009


togetherOriginally, Monday was a seven dog day. It ended up being a three dog day. You might think I would be disappointed, but frankly, it was nice to have a Monday-Lite kind of day. Gretchen is still recovering from a bout of laryngitis and I’m recovering from my weekend with my Grandparents.

You might think that a weekend with the Grandparents would be relaxing, but when the raccoon showed up under their deck, things got mighty exciting. Unfortunately for me, the deck was too low and I couldn’t get under it to rout out the pesky fur ball, but boy did I have fun barking my head off at that guy. What was he thinking burrowing himself under MY Grandparents’ deck.

Anyway, the journey was fun, but tiring. I mean, I love my Grandparents, but you know how tiring family can be. Oh, and at night, while I slept soundly with Gretchen in the double bed, coyotes howled in the distance. That sure made me antsy, too, so I didn’t get as much rest as I might have otherwise.

So, a limited light day was exactly what we both needed.

It started with a morning at school where I got to help kids with their writing. I think I’m a pretty good writing teacher. Heck, I sure get enough practice keeping a blog every day! Then we came home for some lunch (though it was really my breakfast…Gretchen has decided that since I don’t eat breakfast she’s going to stop feeding it to me) before we headed out to get the boys next door. Boy, were they excited to go for a walk and romp at the tennis courts!

rompinggot cha


Normally when we go to the tennis courts, Perrito and I race around playing fetch. Oshi sidles up to Gretchen and demands, in his silent and endearing way, to go home. As you can tell from the photos, Oshi was a frisky boy today and never once asked to leave. Not sure why that was, but it made the day fun!

fetch timeleaf run

friskysilly eyes

We headed back to the house after this, making our way through the park so we could rustle through the leaves. Our next dog was a few hours later, so Gretchen and I both rested for awhile before headed over to Saber’s house.

Boy, I tell you, that dog grows every weekend. At the end of the week he’s one size and at the beginning of the week he’s one size larger. What are they feeding him? We walked some today, but again ended up at the tennis courts where Saber tried to show me that his ball was better than mine. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that both balls belong to me.

two ballssee mine?

happy dogyum treats!

Not only is Saber in the middle of a growth spurt, but he’s really learning how to play fetch. Heck, he goes after that ball like a pro!

get it!go get it!

He also goes after me as well!

after mestill coming

here he comesstill on my tail

Cute boysAfter our romp, we headed through the park for a visit to school, but unfortunately, we didn’t get to play with our student friend. Too bad because he feeds us lots of treats and that always makes for a good day!

By the time we got to Saber’s house, our tongues were hanging and our legs were tired. Saber is such a great dog that when it’s time to go into his kennel for a rest, he barrels right in excited to receive a few treats and his peanut butter Kong. He waves goodbye, but doesn’t seem to mind that we’re leaving. Good dog.

Because it was a light day, Gretchen took me for a bit longer walk, which I appreciated, and then we rested again at home before she “encouraged” me to finish my blog for the day.

The rest of the week doesn’t look as light as today, but luckily having a light day today means I’ll have enough energy to make it through the rest of the week.

Until Tomorrow,


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