October 21, 2009

Some Days it Do and Some Days it Don’t

monty's mop

We meet a lot of people (and dogs) on our walks. Many of those we meet, we see many times throughout the week. They say hello or comment on the number of dogs in our pack or comment on Monty’s black and white hair or Gemma’s spunky prance. Often when we meet the “regulars,” as I like to call them, we talk about the weather. Today’s weather, while not anything out of the ordinary, seemed to be the topic of much conversation.

There’s an elderly man that we see probably two or three times a week. He walks through the park using a cane to assist him. He tips his hat to us often and says things like, “Nice day, today,” or “Better get your raincoat ready.” And then he laughs. I like when this man laughs because it’s like the laugh is so large, it’s another person altogether. It carries it’s own weight, so to speak, and so, when I see the man with cane and the hat coming, I perk up a bit because I’m always ready for the other man — the laugh man — to pop out and say hello, too.

Our day started in the rain. Lots of rain. So much rain, in fact, Gretchen didn’t pull out her camera. Instead, Monty, Saber, and I went for a nice long walk (albeit wet) while the camera stayed safe and dry in Gretchen’s bundled up backpack. We knew, of course, that we’d be together at the end of the day so Gretchen wasn’t worried that we’d wouldn’t have any pictures of Saber and Monty.

We ran into the man with the cane and hat on this walk. “Do you think it’s going to clear up?” I asked him.

“Some days it do,” he said, “And some days it don’t.”

Wow. He’s a very wise man who has a laugh living in his belly.

The rain was really coming down and the horizon looked bleak and gray. We dropped Saber off at his house, then Monty and I got lunch while Gretchen walked the boys next door, Oshi and Perrito. After she leashed them up, she couldn’t believe it, but the rainclouds parted and the sun, yes the sun, actually came out. Lucky them!

They headed over to the other park where Oshi refused to do anything — run around, come when called, chase a ball –except lick for treats though when Gretchen offers them, he never eats them. Perrito, on the other hand, ran around and wondered why he was being chased by his leash.

leash man

going nowhere


still going nowheretwo dogs

Next up was Gemma who was a bit disappointed that Gretchen came to her house without any dog pals for her to play with. They went for a walk up the hill to get a shot of the rainclouds in the distance. Gemma feels about the grate at the overlook the way I do. She hates it. From the photos, it almost looks like she’s going to get sick waiting for Gretchen to snap the photo. She didn’t, of course, but still, you can see those gray clouds hovering in the distance. Luckily for Gemma, they didn’t show up to rain on her walk.

gray daysick about it


Nor did they show up for her walk with Bella. In fact, the sky sort of came alive while Bella and Gretchen played fetch at the tennis courts before they went on their walk.

That Bella, she sure knows how to pose, doesn’t she?




gray clouds

Once Bella went home, Gretchen fetched Saber again and then picked us up as well. We went for a walk through the park before checking in at the school to see if our student had had a good day. Guess what? He did! So we went for a short walk and the student used Gretchen’s camera again to take photos of all of us, each of us individually, and most importantly, the sun. See those shadows?


Sabertwo of us

three of usall of us

After we left the school, we took Saber back home and then Monty and I made our way over to Wilson’s house…right when those pesky rainclouds decided to hover over us again. It didn’t matter really because we headed over to the park to play fetch — all three of us. Do you know how difficult it is to find an orange ball among orange leaves? Let me tell ya…it’s hard! Gretchen probably played more fetch than we did every time she had to search for a lost ball among the leaves. But that’s why it’s good to have Wilson around. He can sniff out a ball under a mountain of leaves and over and over again, we called upon him to save the day.  Good job, Wilson!

ball findergot it

see it?got it again

Monty runningtogether

ahhhhhgood job

It didn’t rain as hard this afternoon as it did this morning, but still, it was nice to get home — after dropping off Monty and Wilson — to a warm, dry house. The weather is a fickle thing around here. You can never quite tell which way it will turn. As my wise man friend with the laugh living in his belly would say, some days it do and some days it don’t. Ironically, today it did both!

Until tomorrow,


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