October 15, 2009

She Did What?

I love Gretchen. I love her dearly, but she came home tonight with over a hundred and fifty photographs from our work today. What am I supposed to do with that? Does she know how long it takes to write the blog AND insert pictures? I know, I know. We walked 9 dogs today. That’s a record, so no wonder there are so many photographs. I mean, I’ve winnowed it down to 53 (more than half), but still this will take me hours!

Hey, Rubin?

Yes? (And I have a very skeptical look on my face!)

I think you can just insert all the photographs all at once if you want to and not have to do each one individually.


Try it.

But what about my witticisms? What about my golden tongue, my poetic license, my gift with the human word?

I think everyone would completely understand if you just inserted the photos of the day.

Are you saying they don’t read this blog?

Oh no. They read it. What I’m saying is they’d understand that after walking 9 dogs you’re a little tired and need some rest. I’m sure they’d forgive you for taking a blogging break.

Hmmmm…okay, I’ll give it a try…

That wasn’t too hard, was it?

No. I could get used to this.

(Yawn!) Goodnight everyone!


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