June 17, 2012


Usually this blog is about dogs. Usually this blog is about my week with my dog friends/clients. Sometimes this blog is about my thoughts as a dog — insights, introspections, and ponderings. Sometimes this blog is silly and sometimes it’s serious. Sometimes there are photos that have nothing to do with the words and sometimes the words and photos are so interconnected I couldn’t have one without the other.

But today, this blog will be about this —

The other day, I was helping get the laundry together…sorting colors from whites, combing through pockets to empty them of dog treats and poop bags, and making certain all the socks had a match so there would be no singletons (though there usually are)…when I came upon two scrunched up sheets of paper.

A little background: Momma Ann is in her final 5 days of teaching. Not just 5 days before another summer break, but 5 days until she leaves teaching all together and pursues a new path in her life. In September she won’t return to the classroom as a teacher, she’ll return as a student in the Landscape Horticultural program at a local vocational college.

Momma Ann loves gardening — she loves plants and dirt and working up a sweat. Our own garden is a testament to her passion and now, after 21 years of teaching public school and 10 years before that of being a preschool teacher, Momma Ann is going to learn all she can about plants and dirt, landscaping and sweat.

We are very proud of her and while we know this week of only 5 days long will go by too slowly (as they usually do), we look forward to Saturday morning when Momma Ann wakes up and can say, I WAS a teacher, now I’m a gardener.

So back to those wadded up pieces of paper…found in Momma Ann’s pocket…while we were sorting laundry…(and yes, the photos will not match the words, but I wanted to include my favorites from the week because I am a dog dog walker and this blog is technically about my business)…

…anyway, we unfolded the wadded up paper and found a note clearly written by a 2nd grader (the grade Momma Ann teaches). Usually these notes are pretty funny — notes she’s confiscated from her students that say all sorts of peculiar and misspelled stuff. So when Gretchen and I unwadded these papers, we expected to read something funny or to chuckle at words like “action” spelled “akshun”…but instead this is what we found:

To Ms. Gilpin (the Gardner)

Our class was like a pot. My pencil and books were like dirt. My brain was like a seed. You helped me grow. Like in math you were the sun to help me grow. And the tough times were like weeds. You helped me pull the weeds by explaining the way for me to do the math problem. You also kept the right temperature for me. I especially like class meetings when we could solve problems. The fertilizer was snacks and fun stuff to keep us “green.”

At first I was small and a little weak. Now I am tall and healthy and ready for third grade!

I hope you have a great time and do good on all your tests. Remember, you will need water and sunshine and love.


Grown Up T (name withheld…because she’s only 8!)

Yes, everything was spelled exactly as you read it here! And yes, we cried too, especially at the end when she gave the reminder about water and sunshine and love.

So maybe in the end, the words of this blog fit with the photos because my life is filled with water and sunshine and love and I am a very happy boy. And very proud of my Momma Ann!

Keep blooming!


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  1. Wow…and Bow….I can’t think of a better person to help conserve the earth than your momma Ann. She is what sunshine and love and water (tears too) are all about. We wish her the very best and always look forward to seeing you both..Maybe now that my mom, Jan is retiring on the same day, we can get together and play sometime. The education world will miss Jan and Ann (ironical, isnt’ it?) but they make music where ever they go…Love you both, Tucker

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