June 22, 2012

Holy Moly

The other day, when we were out walking one dog or another, we passed two men walking by the lake. “Holy Moly!” the one made said to the other and then the other guy replied, “Right! Holy Moly!”

I’d never heard that phrase before so I spent some time researching what it means and where it came from. It’s amazing what you can learn by doing a little research and what I learned is that Holy Moly (or Holy Moley) has many meanings and a disagreement about its origins.

It’s agreed that Holy Moly is an expression of astonishment, but there are disagreements as to what kind of astonishment it is. For instance, is it religious? Does it refer to mole (the kind you eat, not what’s on your face) and have Latin roots? According to the Urban Dictionary, it’s the way teenagers express astonishment to their parental units without swearing (which was my favorite definition), but some say it’s one of those comic book expressions from Captain Marvel — a new expression like “Holy Capers, Batman!” and all sorts of other expressions made popular by comics and cartoons.

Regardless, what made me focus on these words wasn’t so much what they meant, but how well they expressed what I feel sometimes and this week was a Holy Moly week! Why? Because we finally got some warm weather and sunshine which meant that I got to really go outside, play, and soak up the warmth.

We realize that many of you are currently sweltering in the heat and humidity of summer, but those of us who live in Seattle are struggling with a very mild summer. In fact, as I type this blog it’s pouring down rain outside and thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon.


But I’m not going to let the misery of today ruin the Holy Moly week I’ve had. Nope, I’m going to share with you (via video) just how much fun in the sun I had this week! Here’s hoping that next week sees a return of sunshine and summer!

Have a great weekend,


PS — Turn up your speakers!


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