December 3, 2010

Does this collar make me look fat?

I never worry about my weight. Gretchen takes care of it. Gretchen worries about her weight so I said, “Let me feed you!”

She laughed. “That’s exactly what I need. Someone to feed me two homemade meals a day and take me walking for 3 hours a day!”

I’m not sure why humans struggle with their weight so much, but dogs, we could care less. Of course, some of us are fat because we get fed too much, get fed the wrong stuff, and are rarely taken on walks or given any kind of exercise. I guess in that sense, I’m a lucky pup because my moms make my food from scratch, everything they feed me is organic, and as a dog dog walker, I sometimes get more walks than I need!

I sure wish all dogs good could have it so good, but luckily the dogs we walk every day are all part of the same club I belong to — The Well-cared for Club!

Here’s a sample of what they love best about their well-cared for life!

Monty: “I love that I get to play fetch almost every night of the week and that I have a ginormous dog bed where I can stretch out my full body while I sleep!”

Rosie: “I’m fed the best treats ever! And my family loves me more than words! Oh, and my baby brother Tyson is always there for me to lean on!”

Tyson: “Squish, squish, squish…I play fetch…squish, squish…and I run, squish, squish…and I take care of my big sister all the time and yeah, all the stuff Rosie said!”

Gemma: “I am coiffed so I look elegant — hey, what’s that over there? Is that a squirrel? Focus, focus, focus!”

Perrito: “The neighbor’s cat sleeps with me on the couch, I have a human baby who smells good living in my house, and I get to play ‘Look like the clouds!’ when out on a walk.”

Oshi: “Uh, does someone know which way home is. I like my home. I like the warm fireplace. I like my soft and cushy spot on the couch. Which way is it?”

Saber: “Does this collar make me look fat? Oh, what do I love best about my life? My friends and family, of course!”

And now, I sure hope all of you have a well-cared for weekend. I plan on it!

Until Monday,


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