December 2, 2010

What I Must Endure

My day is filled with waiting, walking, posing, and the demands of my clients. I’m not complaining. I like it very much, but sometimes, especially after looking at the photos from the day, I realize that I put up with a lot.

I think the photo to the right explains it all (and many of the photos to follow) because while it looks like I’m sharing the boulder comfortably with Rosie, I’m actually holding on for dear life. I love Rosie. In fact, I’ve really missed her these past few weeks when her family has been on vacation, but don’t get me wrong, she’s a big, strong girl. So strong that when she moves and I’m close to her, she moves me.

It’s not that she’s throwing her weight around or anything. She just moves her strong, muscular body and when it bumps into mine my lithe, small-boned frame gets bounced around. Still, when Rosie is insecure, guess who she chooses to lean on? That’s right — little old me! For instance, Gretchen got us both to sit up for a photo and Rosie actually sat on me. It’s hard to see, but Gretchen tried to capture it in these photos.

I know it looks like I’m sitting on her, but trust me, I’m the one bearing her weight against my delicate frame. Yes, I am called upon on many occasions to be the one everyone must lean on…

I’ve never really realized this before, but today I really came to understand that my job as a dog dog walker goes way beyond the walking. First, was Rosie who, as you can see, has gotten over her fear of other dogs (at least of me) to share a round and small spot on a boulder BUT ONLY if I stayed close by so she felt safe.

I did the best I could to help her, but after the camera was put away, we both sort of slid off the rock and then laughed about how silly it was that Gretchen put us in that position at all.

Next, we went to pick up Saber and I was expecting a similar “posing” with the big guy. He, too, is stronger than I am and well, I’m not sure exactly how to put this, but he’s thicker. Luckily, Gretchen surprised us and let us play a little bit at the field before we went on our walk. I was excited that we got to play since it seemed like pretty safe venture…

But then Saber found a stick and what I once thought was safe became ridiculously dangerous. Okay, I exaggerate. It wasn’t dangerous so much as bossy as Saber used his stick (which was actually a BIG BRANCH) to push me all around the field.

I got quite a workout today, as you can see, and you can also see that while it all looks like fun and games, my body takes a beating! Luckily we only had two walks today and for that my little, delicate body is thankful.

I’m also thankful to have such great friends. They’re so great, I don’t mind letting them push me around a bit!

Until tomorrow,


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