October 19, 2010

As Luck Would Have It

I’m not sure what’s changed. I’m not even sure if I’ve changed or everyone else around me, but all of the sudden, I’m allowed on the couch. Since I was a wee one, I’ve been told that I will be allowed on the couch when I turn ten. I’m three now and in February I will turn four, which even I know is a very long way from ten.

I should clarify. I’m not allowed on the couch in the living room, I’m only allowed on the couch in the TV room. And I’m not allowed to go on it any old time I want (like when I’m left alone), but only when invited. I’m even allowed, at times, to go on other people’s couches. Like last night, when Gretchen took me to the pool where she works and after I went swimming (divine!), I was allowed up on the couch while she worked in the office.

Of course, I haven’t asked to go on other people’s couches in other places and I’m not sure I’m actually brave enough to even think it might be a possibility, but for now, I’m enjoying the bit of couch freedom I’ve been given and trying not to press my luck.

I wasn’t sure being allowed on the couch was a privilege many dogs get so when I went out on my first walk with Ollie today, I asked him, “Do you get to be on the couch?”

“Yeah,” he said matter-of-factly, “Don’t you?”

I sputtered, “Uh, yeah, now I do, but never before now.”

“Really? Shock and surprise,” he gasped.

“Why?” I asked.

“You’re Rubin!” he said if that answered it all…and then he kissed me and got all embarrassed about it. Silly boy.

Gertie is new to us (we’ve only been walking her for two weeks now, with only two more to go) so her answer was a bit muddled. “Couch? Where’s the couch?” You see, Gertie bounces everywhere and it’s hard to hear as she flies by. And then, when it’s time for the photos, she plops down and looks at me.

“Is that the couch? It doesn’t look like a couch!”

I know Rosie gets to go on the couch, but she says she doesn’t do it that often.

“Would your parents agree?” I asked.

She just looked at me innocently. Of course, she was also surprised by my behavior today. “What are you doing, Rubin?” she asked.

“There’s nothing like a pile of autumn leaves on a green lawn,” I said and promptly rolled around!

Rosie didn’t see it that way…she thought I was pretty silly and I guess I am! But seriously, who can resist a romp in the leaves?

Gemma and Saber have opposite couch experiences. “I go on the couch all the time,” Gemma said. “Who’s gonna try and stop me?”

“The couch?” Saber looked at her guiltily. “Oh me, never, never, never do I go on the couch. I am a very good dog, a very good dog. No couch for me.”

Maybe when he’s older, eh?

As for me, I’m enjoying the couch, but I still don’t trust that it’s a long time event. I mean, out of the blue they let me onto the couch. Just as quickly they may keep me off of it. I have to play my cards just right or who knows what I may or may not be allowed to do!

Until tomorrow,


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