October 18, 2010

Capturing Color

Gretchen’s been playing around with black and white photos of late (not on the blog, though), but today I told her she really needs to stick with color during October.

“Why do you think so, Rubin?” she asked.

And then I pointed my nose up to a tree and she said, “Oh yeah, it’s beautiful isn’t it?”

Yeah, beautiful and imagine what it would look like in black and white…well, don’t imagine, here it is.

Big difference, eh? So we spent our weekend searching out the colors of autumn and then today, on our walks, we found even more. Color is everywhere, though it’s not always easy to capture.

We captured some color from our office window looking out at our neighbor’s dog, Oshi, who sat perched in his favorite spot in their kitchen bedecked in a blue shirt and an orange bandanna…

We captured some more on our walk with Woobie on Sunday…

…and when we walked down to the lake, we found different colors, but colors all the same…

…and then Gretchen captured some on her walk with Rosie and Tyson this morning.

She even tried to capture some while they played fetch, but the green of the tennis courts dominated.

She found more colors at the playground on her walk with Gemma, Oshi, and Perrito…

…and some really interesting play on color and light and dark with me in the backyard…

…and even more when we took Saber over to first walk Gertie…

The color made me want to roll around and then made Saber want to play with me…

but eventually, we settled down…

…and then with Alice we found color at the church we pass every day…

It was, as you can see, a colorful day and I am so very thankful Gretchen didn’t convert the color into black and white.

“I am too, Rubin!”

She knows that some days I’m a wise little pup.

“And other days?” she asks?

I’m colorful…always colorful!

Until tomorrow,


2 Replies to “October 18, 2010”

  1. Makes me so happy to see such awesome pics of Gerty and the gang! She seems like she’s doing just great in you’re capable hands and I know the kids have been walking her after school. Glad she’s getting along so well with the others!

  2. Sam,
    I LOVE Gertie. She’s kind of bouncy at first, but now that she knows me, she loves me just as much, I think. I guess we’re both doodles helps. Hope you’re having a great time! She’ll be very happy to see you!

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