August 10, 2010

Word Play

As you may know, I am fond of human words. Well actually, I am fond of the many uses for human words. While you might think that a bark is a bark is a bark, a dog’s communication system is much more nuanced than a humans, but one thing we don’t have is a good pun. Today, as I was thinking about the blog I wanted to write, I realized that many of the photos Gretchen took today have word play built right into them.

For instance, on our first walk with Ollie, we posed in front of some Canada geese foraging at the lake. Since Ollie just got his hair done, we were forbidden to go into the lake, so I bid my time by thinking of puns. This is the one that struck me…

"Hey Ollie, don't get goosed!"

And then I realized that I wanted to watch for puns today so I asked Gretchen to see if she could find other word plays in which to pose the dogs. But first, back to those geese and to the newly sheared Ollie!

Since Gretchen went out alone with Rosie, she didn’t have me to advise her, but I think she figured out a good play on words for Rosie’s photo!

"Hey Gretchen, tell Rubin you were stumped with the word play assignment!"

Very funny, you two! Glad to see that you capture another picture of Rosie in front of the sunny world, though!

I was actually stumped when we picked up Gemma next and then headed to Zoe’s house. I kept my eye open for signs of puns and then we met Chili and that’s when Zoe said…

"Rubin, does it feel a little chilly out here to you?"

I had to laugh, while Gemma had to play with our new little friend!

Of course, by the time we got around to picking up Saber, my head was sore thinking of all the possibilities and Saber had absolutely no interest in thinking at all. He just wanted to play so I showed him my ball and then we played keep away, bark at Rubin, and splish splash in the pool!

I mean, why mess around with word play and when you can have the real thing — PLAY PLAY!

Saber gets some X-rays tomorrow so we want to send him a special message for a good news report, but I think I need to write it in dog-speak! Woof, woof, bark, growl, yip, yip, yip, bark, bark, bark! Love ya, man!

Until tomorrow,


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