August 9, 2010

Mood Swings

We were walking through the park today and there was a crew of people cleaning up after this weekend’s many festivities! One man complimented me on my new haircut (he didn’t think that I looked like a meerkat!) and then I asked him how much fun he had at the festival in the rain.

“Oh, I’m used to Seattle’s mood swings!” he said.

“Mood swings?” I cocked my head his direction.

“Yeah,” he answered, “Seattle’s weather is moody to say the least. You never know which way it’s gonna swing.”

I laughed out loud. Today Seattle’s weather was in a gray mood. After all the warm, sunny moods of late, the rain and clouds of the weekend felt like kind of a relief. But I thought for sure the mood would change back to sunshine for our walks today only it didn’t. It was warmer, but the gray clouds stayed with us until well into the afternoon when Gretchen headed off to her job at the pool.

The first walk of the day was with CATS! Wait, what? Did I just write CATS? Well, it’s true. While I didn’t have to walk them, I did get a walk around Genessee Park where there were work crews cleaning up more festivities. Then I had to wait in the car, while Gretchen and Ann checked in on our friends’ cats. Yep, CATS! Man oh man, what has Wags n’ Words come to? I didn’t get to meet them (not sure why?), but I did see the photos — most of which were blurry and only this one turned out any good.

Friends, meet Jude and Rita (to the left)…and don’t even think about saying they are adorable.

I heard that!

Then Gretchen got to walk Rosie and Tyson. I know they wouldn’t have tolerated cat sitting on our agenda today if they were in charge!! But I guess it begs to question, WHO IS IN CHARGE?

Apparently, not me.

Next, Gemma walked with Oshi and Perrito and all of them were on the lookout for CATS! They even found one on Oshi and Perrito’s porch (the neighbor’s cat who likes to hang out at their house) and Gemma had the same reaction I would have — CATS!!!!

Finally, the day ended with Saber who would like to meet a cat, or so he tells me. Yikes!

I need to educate that boy…which is exactly what I tried to do today by showing him how to be a bad boy while posing for a photo…

…the best he could do was flip his ear.

By the time Saber went home, the mood of the weather was better, but my mood was worse since Ann had to go back and check on the CATS! Talk about mood swings. When I see a cat or know one is nearby, my mood goes wild! Who knows what it will do tomorrow both in terms of CATS and the weather!

Until then,


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