June 18, 2010

Hard to Believe

Monty’s Mom calls this month “Juneary” as in January in June. Yes, it’s been cloudy and gray, we’ve had more than our fair share of rain, and lately it’s been cold — not your typical June in Seattle.

But today the sun came out. Yes, the sun — that warm, glowing star high up in the sky that keeps our planet alive.

So it wasn’t like a normal summer day where the temperatures hovered in the mid-70s and the sky was eye-achingly blue. No, it was a day with a few clouds, no rain, and a bit warmer temperatures, but at this point, I’ll take whatever hint of summer I can get.

Our clients were happy about the day, too as we set out for our final day of a very long dog-walking week. Woobie, our house guest, agrees with the long, hard week. Last night, as we both curled up to sleep – she in my bed, me in hers — she whispered to me, “I feel like I could sleep for days, Rubin. How do you do this every week?”

“It’s my job,” I replied and then said, “You better get some rest because tomorrow will come quickly and it’s another full day.” With that Woobie and I slept and dreamt and sighed really big sighs. It’s nice having her around.

And this morning did come fast and furious. We woke early, ate breakfast and then set out for our money walk with Monty. I think I’ve said this before, but Monty has as serious crush on Woobie. I’m not sure she’s noticed yet, but Monty (whose nickname should be Romeo) does everything he can to share his heart’s desires whenever we’re together and since we were together most of the day, you can imagine how he’s worn himself out flirting!

Gretchen got a special treat on this warmer, sunnier day and that was an extra-long walk with Rosie and Tyson. Since the normal half hour got extended to an hour, Monty, Woobie, and I rested at home while the three of them played and then walked. Rosie was the happiest about the sun since she thought yesterday was way too cold.

Since it was warm and Rosie tends to get overheated, they walked down through the cool shade of Frink Park…

Oshi likes the warmer days the most of any of us. Since he thinks he’s a cat, he balks at going outside if the thermometer drops below 70 and lately, it’s had a hard time pushing 59 so you can imagine it’s been a chore to get him out the door.

Perrito doesn’t care at all about the weather. He just wants to stretch his legs and look for mischief around every corner.

He’s a lot like Gemma in that regard. Gemma sees the outdoors as her hunting grounds. She bounds down the steps of her house on the offense ready to meet, greet, or eat whatever crosses her path. She and Perrito make a good match!

For Saber, each day is wondrous surprise. When we show up, he’s always thrilled to see who’s on the porch waiting for him and he’s even more thrilled when he sees the sun, feels the warm, and realizes he gets to spend an hour with his friends. Of course, he loves some of us more than others!

The day ended with Monty going home and Woobie and I watching Gretchen head off to work at the pool.

“How does she do it?” Woobie asked me after Gretchen walked out the door. “I’m beat and she just keeps going!”

“I’m not sure,” I responded honestly, “but I’m thankful for the time apart because we get to rest and sleep and dream about more warm days!”

“Good idea,” she said. “A very good idea!” And with that we fell asleep until dinner time.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe my life is so wonderful, but when the sun comes out, my wonderful life really glows! Hope yours does too!

Have a good weekend,


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