June 21, 2010

Over Indulgences

Whew, what a weekend I had! Woobie has been our house guest this past week and this morning, she went back home, but for a last hurrah, we took a little trip over the weekend up to Gretchen’s old stomping grounds – Port Townsend. I won’t spend too much time telling you about the wild and crazy times, but suffice it to say, it was dog heaven.

First, our hosts — Buster and Dozer — were gracious, hospitable, and more than anything, barrels of fun. They live out in the woods and they have a great yard in which to play as well as this amazing park right by their house where we went for long walks on wooded trails.

Buster is older and not as active as Dozer who was young and spry enough to chase me around their big yard. Then we walked at the State Park (their backyard of sorts) and Woobie and I got to smell the deer and squirrels and raccoons, and who knows what else. It was glorious!

But the best part is that they live within 3 minutes of a beach. I love playing at the beach and apparently Woobie does too! Here’s just a sampling of our beach fun.

Of course, I over did it and ingested a bunch of sand while playing fetch with my favorite ball. I paid for it later with quite the upset tummy Sunday night and didn’t get much sleep.

So as you can imagine between a wild weekend and an upset tummy I was tired today, but duty called and I had never shirk my duties!

The first duty was to return Woobie home. She was thrilled to see her family and even though I’m going to miss her, I’m glad she is back where she belongs! Sleep well without me, Woobie!

Then we walked Oshi and Perrito. They were so happy to see us because lately they’ve had to play second fiddle to their mom being pregnant. The baby should arrive any day now and it was all Oshi and Perrito could talk about! Well, Oshi talked about it and Perrito grunted and groaned over his special little ball.

I got to rest after that romp, which was a good thing since my over indulgent weekend zapped me of my usual endurance. Gretchen walked Rosie and Tyson while I slept and those two were not only happy to see Gretchen, but equally happy to see their parents who had gone wine tasting in Oregon over the weekend.

According to Gretchen, Rosie and Tyson are a study in contrasts. Tyson is Mr. Serious and his look is always questioning. “Am I doing this right?” he’ll ask when Gretchen requests a pose.

Rosie, on the other hand, can be serious, but underneath it all she’s kind of a clown. When they pose for a photo, Rosie is always contemplating how to walk away. She’s gotten better at staying for longer periods, but in the back of her mind she’s thinking, “I could just walk over there and no one will ever notice!”

Gemma had a house guest too and when Gretchen stopped by to pick her up, Gemma introduced her to Cooper — a whippet. Cooper was a bit skittish so the three of them went on a walk so Cooper could feel a bit more relaxed. You can tell by his ears that relaxation wasn’t in the cards today.

When they came by the house to pick me up, Cooper was quite leery of me, but eventually those ears came up if only for a second. Gemma and I just played around him. I’m not sure if it made him less anxious or more.

Finally, we dropped off Gemma and Cooper and picked up Saber. The two of us got to play fetch at the park after a nice long walk, but Gretchen only took photos of us after the exercise. As you can see, we’re both tired from the game!

The afternoon was uneventful as Gretchen went off to work at the hydrotherapy pool. I didn’t mind. It gave me a chance to get some much needed rest. Gretchen hopes I’ve learned my lesson that over indulging doesn’t always make for a happy Monday!

Until tomorrow,


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