May 26, 2010

Wet Whiskered Wednesday

I love alliterations. Some days I find myself just humming them. Silly Saturday seriousness sends shivers slipping up my spine. Breakfast burgers burst with beauty on my buds. Walking on wet Wednesdays weally weally worries my whiskers.

Okay, so I don’t follow the rules exactly, but you get the point. Today was truly a wet whiskered day as the rain, while it didn’t come down hard, came down almost every moment we were outside. Therefore, for almost every moment I was wet, which makes my curls, well… curl right up.

Monty’s too…

As for Oshi and Perrito, the wet makes them shiver, which in turn worries Monty, which in turn I find rather endearing…

Yes, this is how we started our day — me humming alliterations and Monty consoling the shivering puppies. Of course, we didn’t have to wear raincoats and to that I say Rah Rah Rah no repugnant raincoats!

Other dogs did wear raincoats though because once we were dried off and resting at home, Gretchen was sweating in her rain gear and walking Gemma and Zoe in theirs!

Both Zoe and Gemma don’t seem to mind their rascally raincoats. In fact, they didn’t even notice them because all they wanted to do was either get the first treat out of Gretchen’s pocket or wrestle with each other and ruin the photograph!

Gemma kept backing into Zoe and Zoe kept moving closer to Gretchen, disregarding the “sit” command and smiling her silly smile like she couldn’t hear a thing Gretchen was saying.

Eventually, Gretchen got them separated long enough to actually get a decent photograph. But it didn’t last long apparently because once the camera was put away, the two of them burst into super play mode!

I thought for sure we’d have to wear raincoats when Gretchen returned, but luckily the heavy mist lightened a bit and we got to go naked…I mean, sans raincoats! Yahoo!

Saber was next and now that he’s one year and one day old, he was a bit more mature…

Okay, maybe not that mature, but he still had his quiet moments.

Monty, the eldest of us all, is not the least bit mature. He’s just downright goofy. The second we arrive at the tennis courts, he heads straight for the bench. Why oh why? We may never know!

What’s particularly fascinating about Monty’s behavior is that he always drops his ball and then watches as it rolls across the court away from him. Then he stays on the bench and watches as Saber and I tackle and shove, wrestle and run with each for awhile. Only after awhile does he decide to leave the bench and pounce on his ball…

…or Gretchen decides to throw it and Monty decides to fetch it, but where does he go after he gets it?

You guessed it, right back on the bench where he does the whole routine all over again.

So much for a correlation between age and maturity.

I thought our romp at the tennis courts and our subsequent walk through the park was the end of my day and technically, it was. Gretchen took us all home then packed up her bags and drove off in the car. Yes, she had to work tonight at the pool and I waited patiently at home for her like the good boy I am.

Of course, I got to spend time with my other mom, Ann, and she took me for a walk and even brushed out my hair (second most dreaded thing next to the raincoat). Anyway, we both waited for Gretchen to come home and when she did, not only did she smell like chlorine (from the pool), but she smelled of another dog.

“Wait just one minute!” I said. “I know you help other dogs at the pool, but this dog smell doesn’t smell wet at all! In fact, this dog smell smells like you went on another walk without me!”

“You’re right, Rubes,” Gretchen responded calmly. “I walked Paige, my boss’s dog.”

“Without me?” I sobbed.

“Well, you know I always take the first walk with a new dog without you,” she tried to explain.

“Yeah, but is she a new dog?”

“Not really,” was her lame excuse. “I’m just helping out occasionally.”

“Does that mean I get to walk with her next time?”

“Yeah, it does.”

“Well, okay then…but first, what’s with her ears?”

“What do you mean?” Gretchen asked. “What about her ears?”

“They look kind of big,” I said. “I’ve never seen ears that tall. I mean, they are so tall you can’t even fit them into the picture.”

“How about this? Is this better?”

“Oh my, that’s much, much better,” I gasped. “She’s beautiful! Can I meet her soon?”

“Hope so, buddy, but don’t get all gushy on her, okay? I mean, she is my boss’s dog and we want to make a good impression.”

“I’ll be on my best behavior,” I said out loud and then mumbled, “for about a minute then I may have to gush.”

“What did you say?” Gretchen asked.

I hummed, “Dandy Doberman dat dog!”

Until tomorrow,


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