May 25, 2010

How to Throw a Party!

Today, Saber turned one year old and we threw an impromptu party. I mean, we knew it was his birthday, but as the day unfolded, we decided to gather up some of his friends and throw a real party for him. Boy, was he surprised! I was surprised, too because I kind of became a party favor, but more about that in a minute. First, the party day, which began with me playing “Jump the Student” early this morning.

Three students laid down in a row and another called me over. I sniffed the students on the ground, but then the standing student (the one who called me over) asked me to “Hup,” which means to jump and so I jumped, right over the three students lying down. Oh, they thought that was great fun (I did, too), but soon Gretchen put a stop to it since everyone (me included) was getting way too excited and not focusing on our work for the day.

I rested from my excitement of the morning, while Gretchen walked Rosie and this is when Gretchen hatched the plan for Saber’s party. It started like this:

Rosie: What else ya doing today, Gretchen?

Gretchen: Well, I need to walk five more dogs after you and one of those dogs turns one year old today.

Rosie: Why don’t you throw that dog a birthday party?

Gretchen: That’s a great idea, Rosie. Thanks!

Rosie: Wish I could attend.

Gretchen: I wish you could too, but I think you’d be kind of overwhelmed with all those dogs partying around you.

Rosie: Yeah, I suppose I do get overstimulated and then, who knows what I might do.

Gretchen: You’re a good dog, Rosey Posey and when I’m done teaching and have someone to help me, I think it’s time you met some other dogs I walk.

Rosie: Really?

Gretchen: Yep, really, but unfortunately I can’t invite you to the party, but I’ll let Saber know it was your idea.

Rosie: Thanks. That means a lot to me!

And with that, Rosie launched the idea that unfolded as follows:

Gretchen picked me up and we headed in the car over to Ollie’s house. Yes, Ollie’s new house and he was happy to see us. He piled into the car with me and we drove to Zoe’s house. They have never met, but both of them like meeting other dogs so with much fanfare, they sniffed and smelled each other and then off we went on a nice long walk through the neighborhood!

Of course, we have to stop for photos, but it’s always difficult with Ollie because he likes to receive the treats before he’s earned them. Getting him to sit and stay in one spot when he knows there are cookies in Gretchen’s pocket is as hard as anything. He sits for a nano-second and then scoots forward until he as close to Gretchen as he can get. It makes for interesting pictures.

Zoe sits and waits pretty well, but she has to know there is a reward. Gretchen lets her smell the treats and Zoe waits patiently for the photographs to be taken. Ollie, on the other hand, gets so close to Gretchen it’s hard to get a picture of his whole body!

At this point, Gretchen could have taken Ollie home, but she decided to take both of us to Gemma’s house. Ollie hasn’t seen Gemma in awhile, but once the car door open, he knew EXACTLY where he was. He raced right up the stairs and bounced and bounced waiting for Gemma to emerge.

Gemma was happy to see her long, lost friend and the two of them nuzzled each other before we headed out to get the birthday boy. Saber was beside himself that not only was I there, not only was Gemma there, but Ollie was there too. “Par-tay!” he howled and off we went to play hard and fast at the tennis courts! I think the photos speak for themselves, but do notice that Ollie was a bit nervous about partying and so, as is his desire, he hung out as close to Gretchen (or Gretchen’s treat pocket) as he could!

What a party. Can you see how I became the party favor? Now I have a bit of a hangover and as soon as I finish this blog, I’m going to take two aspirin and take a nap!

Happy Birthday, Saber! We forgot to give you your present today, but we promise to bring it tomorrow!


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