April 16, 2010

Pulling Toward Home

Most of the dogs we walk, though not all, know where I live. On occasion, we stop by our house with one dog in tow or another so we can get some water, Gretchen can use the bathroom, or to pick up more snacks or more poo bags. So when we get close to the house, most of the dogs who know where we live, pull like crazy to get at the front gate. They know that there is fun inside.

Oshi and Perrito, even though they live right next door, still race to our front gate even though they are on the leash and ready for their walk. Today, though, they didn’t get much of a walk until later in the afternoon because they had a grooming date up at Dog Mania with Liliana. We all piled in the car, with Perrito taking the front seat and Oshi in the back, and made our way up the hill where the boys were dropped off.

Next were Woobie and Monty, our first two official walks of the morning. Monty comes over all the time and Woobie has been here a fair amount as well. When both of them know we’re getting close (like we’re on the block) they start pulling just a bit and then take the turn right to the gate, smiling the whole time.

Today that walk to the gate came after a very long walk from Monty’s house to Woobie’s, from Woobie’s house down to Leschi School where we posed for these…

…and then through Frink Park, along the lake, and then finally, to the gate. I’ve been taught to wait for the front door to open and for Gretchen to enter before I’m given the go ahead to go in the house. Not Monty and Woobie. They bust through the door, race down the hall, and both put their nose in the water dish while surreptitiously checking to see if there are any crumbs in my breakfast bowl.

Today the three of us got to hang out at the house as well while Gretchen walked Gemma and Saber. She took the long line so the lovebirds could frolic at the park and frolic they did!

Gemma and Saber both know the way to my house and when they know they are headed there, they pull like a mule team and then both nose the front gate hoping to get in. But they didn’t walk over to our house today. Instead, they went for a nice walk after that heading up to the gardens and down over the hill. Both were panting tired when they got home. That’s partly because it was a warm day today. Yippeee, only it makes us all a bit tired.

Once Gemma and Saber went home, Gretchen came back and got us. We’d had a nice rest after our long morning excursion and now it was time to take Woobie home. So back up through the neighborhood we went and dropped a tired and happy Woobie at her house.

But Monty and I were not yet done. We had to head from Woobie’s house back to Dog Mania. It’s quite a hike, but a nice one at that. Once we arrived, we saw the newly groomed boys and of course, my frienemy, Liliana. That is to say, I love seeing her when she’s not in the store!

Home we headed with a stop at the boulder to show off the boys’ new haircuts. Monty thought Perrito smelled pretty!

On the way home, all of us turned slightly at our gate though Gretchen informed us we were going next door to drop off the boys first before we headed back into the house, which is where we are right now — resting comfortable after a busy, busy day.

Have a great weekend,


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