April 19, 2010


At school the students are working on writing aboriginal myths or what are called Dreamings. I have learned a great deal over the last week or so about both aborigines and their mythology. Briefly, aborigines feel that the world around is imbued with spirits each of whom has a story to tell us. To hear the story, we must enter Dreamtime, a place where we can get in touch with our spirit selves.

As the students work on their stories, I have helped as best I could giving them ideas for possible plot twists and interesting characters they might want to include. Today, as we were walking, I thought perhaps I should write my own Dreaming, but since today was so busy, I haven’t had a moment to enter Dreamtime. Therefore, I just thought all about my story and how I might include my clients/friends in my story.

Here’s what I have so far…

First, Gretchen walked Rosie and Tyson after she dropped me off at home. I worked a bit on my Dreaming trying to decide what role Rosie and Tyson might play. They would most likely be siblings (as they are in real life) who protect something valuable in the world. I haven’t exactly what they should protect, but every time I see these two siblings, I sense their very strong guardian skills.

Okay, even though Rosie yawns occasionally, they are both on the lookout constantly for any dangers that might arise out of the bushes, from under a rock, or from behind a parked car. They are sentries in stature and attitude and I think they’d make perfect protectors of the something valuable (to be determined!).

It was warm today, unusually warm and while the rain clouds are threatening now, all of us got mighty hot today. So Rosie and Tyson were happy to go back inside their cool house while Gretchen lathered up in sunscreen and headed over to get me. We hopped in the car and headed over to Zoe, my new best friend. Now if Zoe were a character in my myth she’d have to be a friendly giant. You might not think she’s that big when you meet her, but to me she’s ginormous!

Anyway, she’d be the friendly giant who helped me on my quest or walkabout as they call it in Australia. I’d be afraid of her at first — given her size and all — but she’d lead me to the oracle where I’d give the information I’d need to continue my journey. See, we even got a photo of the friendly giant and me by the oracle in the park!

After Zoe, we piled back into the car and headed over to get Gemma and Saber. Now it’s kind of tricky to know what characters these two would be in a myth because frankly, they’re quite the characters in real life as you can see from our play time at the park.

And then, since we got really tired rather quickly and needed to rest in the shade…

…we had to get some water…well, they got water and I waited until they were done sharing the bowl…

I think Gemma would most likely the trickster, the one who solves my dilemma (whatever that might be) by repeated attempts and then finally figuring all out by making some big mistake. I mean, Gemma’s always got her nose in someone else’s business so it would just make sense that she’d get involved in my quest in some comical way.

And Saber? Well, he’d be the kind of silly character who always brings levity to situation unintentionally. Kind of like a mix between Eeoyre and Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

We went for a walk after our brief but exhausting romp and by the time Saber and Gemma got home, they both had their tongues hanging out. I did too, but I still had work to do.

First was Alice who no doubt would be the nervous, but very important Princess that needed to be rescued from the clutches of something evil. Again, I haven’t figured out what that evil will be, but it’s definitely Alice who’d need rescuing!

While I was scheming about  my story on my walk with Alice, guess who we came across? Christy!!!! My favorite mail carrier of all time. Why is she my favorite? She ALWAYS carries treats. Even Alice knows that she does! Oh how I miss my Christy! I’ll put her in my story, too, though I’m not sure what character she’ll play yet. Maybe the wise woman who feeds me magic food to give me supernatural strength!

Alice went home with her tongue hanging out as well —  yes, it was that warm today — and I hopped back in the car with one more walk on the books — Oshi and Perrito.

Now, choosing characters for them is super easy — they’ll be like munchkins or elves who cheer me on as I endure the trials and tribulations of my quest. Oshi will be a kind of curmudgeon like elf …

…and Perrito will be a happy-go-lucky munchkin who sings at the drop of a hat and quietly worships me…

Whew…what a day, but I think I have a good idea about my myth. Now I just have to find the time to work on it! But not tonight. Tonight I need some rest and prepare myself for tomorrow’s predicted rain. It will be a welcome relief!

Until tomorrow,


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