March 5, 2010

Smile and the whole world…

Today was a day of smiles. From the first dogs in the morning until the last dogs this afternoon, not a one of us was unhappy.

But it’s Friday and to be honest with you, I’m kind of tired. So tired, in fact, I’m going “write” this blog pictorially. Forgive me for what might appear to be laziness, but today the smiles speak volumes and are far more creative than I can be with my words.


"I'm trying to smile, but this ball is kind of stuck!"
"Spit it out, Rubin. It's easier to smile that way!"
"Hey Oshi. Being up this high makes me uncomfortable. How about you?"
"Uh yeah, and she wants us to smile while facing into the sun!"
“Uh, yeah and she wants us to smile while looking into the sun!”
"Well, maybe if we comply with her demands, we can get down from here and get back to business!"
Synchronized running!
"Saber, why must you shovel me around?"
Rock hound!
"Uh, can we go run around some more?"
"I prefer smiling in the shade."
Monty always loses his ball in the tall grass. I have to help him find it!
"Phew! Found the ball! Now back to the shade."
"Now that's better!"
"No Q, smile. That's how you get the treats!"
"Did you say treats, Monty?"

Have a great weekend,


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