March 8, 2010


Yeah, that’s what I just wrote. Flurries. As in snow flurries. Can you believe it? I couldn’t either. I mean, we’ve been having warm, spring-like weather for months now and then all the sudden we woke up this morning to 32 degrees, gray, gray skies, and a forecast that called for snow in the low-lying areas.

What do you know? While it wasn’t anything deep and white and enjoyable, it did snow and as you can see from the backpack to the right, we got caught in the flurries (the white spots on the black…I know, it looks like salt, but it’s snow!).

But not for long. We got caught on the last walk of the day and by that time, we were kind of half hoping it would snow because it was so dang cold out there! And hey, I just got a haircut not too long ago so let me tell you, did I ever feel the brrrrrrr, brrrrrr, brrrrrr of the weather today.

Still, today turned out to be a rather quiet day so I’ve been able to hang out at home with the heat on more than I usually do.

It started with a morning walk, only lately, those walks have been with my other mom, Ann. Gretchen’s still kind of gimpy and in an attempt to save herself from too much walking (only what’s essential) she’s been using the car to travel to school, back home, and then to each walk. She says she feels kind of guilty since she isn’t a big fan of polluting when she doesn’t really have to, but with her slow recovery, driving cuts her walking miles significantly and she’s hoping speeds up her recovery.

I’m hoping so too. I mean, I like walking with Ann in the mornings, but it pains me to watch Gretchen try to get out of the car with her bum leg. I know it pains her too, but as she says, moving (as in walking) feels a whole lot better than sitting so hopefully the recovery will go a bit quicker and soon enough we’ll be back to walking the mileage we normally walk and not driving it.

So after my walk with Ann, Gretchen and I loaded into the car for our teaching job. Today was kind of fun because the students got to watch this video and then participated in an activity that explored the idea of sharing — what we choose to share, what we choose not to share, and what keeps us from sharing our abundance.

Then I got to come home, warm up a bit, and eat my breakfast, which I didn’t eat. I just wasn’t hungry, but don’t worry, I ate some of it for a late lunch. Gretchen bundled up a bit more and headed out to walk Rosie and Tyson. While they walked through the park, Tyson was more interested in heading to the tennis courts for a chilly game of fetch. As you can see, he’s very protective of his ball and Rosie is very happy to run free.

Gretchen’s also playing around with close ups with her camera. She takes lots of photos — 83 today, though we only saved 30 of them. She tells me, “You have to make mistakes and take chances in order to be surprised.” Interesting theory.

So when she came home and we went to fetch Oshi and Perrito, I had a feeling that camera was going to be in our faces. I am a genius dog or what?

The final walk of the day was with Saber. Gretchen’s sort of created a monster because as much as she wants to take a walk first and then play at the courts, Saber has other ideas. He pulls us all over to the court first because frankly, he wants to steal my favorite ball! Let me tell you, this guy is like a shovel. I drop my ball for a second and he swoops in and snatches up so quickly, I often don’t notice at first until he taunts me with it so much, I eventually get the hint!

(I know that last photo is not the best photo of Saber, but if you look closely, you can see the flurries floating by!)

Once Saber is significantly worn out AND I get my ball back, we set out for a walk. Gretchen was going to take a photo of us on the walk, but that’s when the flurries really hit us so the camera stayed dry even if we didn’t.

Oh well, what are you gonna do? I am never one to snub snow, though I sure wish it would stick and get really thick so we could actually play in it! Maybe tomorrow!

Until then,


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