March 23, 2010

Milking It

The good thing about having an injury (sliced my paw yesterday) is that everyone has sympathy for me. I never realized how good sympathy can feel, but today when Gretchen strapped on my one black boot and forced me to walk to school with her, I did my best to showcase how humiliated and feeble I am (not really). Boy, did that ever work. All the students saw my black bootie, my bowed head, my sad ears and melancholy eyes and they fell all over themselves saying, “Poor Rubin! Does it hurt? Let me give you some love.”

And love I got. Buckets full.

Gretchen says I’m milking it, exaggerating my wound for scratches behind my ears, rubs on my belly, and extra special treats hidden in the students’ pockets (they sneak them to me all the time!), but I beg to differ. My foot hurts. Even the vet said that a slice like mine feels like a big, fat blister in a tight pair of boots during a long hike. So there!

But yes, I do like the attention so maybe there’s a little play acting on my part.


But I have to be careful because if I overdo it too much (the acting, that is) I’m left at home to “rest and recover” and frankly, I’d rather walk with the blister in my boot than spend the day at home alone.

I did rest and recover after we got back from school. Gretchen had to walk Rosie and that’s usually done without me. Someday we’ll walk together, but not today. Rosie knows how it feels to be injured. She hurt her back last week and had to take slow as well, but today she was feeling pretty good and the two of them (Gretchen and Rosie) practiced their commands in the sun.

First there was sit and stay as you can see above…Nice work, Rosie!

And then down and stay…

Again, well done especially since Rosie had to hold it long enough for Gretchen to take some close ups of her favorite Rosie features — feet and muzzle. Silly girls.

Rosie enjoyed the sun today, but not necessarily the warmth. She got warm quickly and so they walked back slowly to Rosie’s house where she was left to rest and recover.

Then it was off to Gemma’s house the girl who does anything but rest and recover and today was no different…she was raring to go! Of course, she immediately asked about me and so Gretchen decided it was okay for her to come see me. While I was glad to see her, I wasn’t much in the mood for playing, but Gemma has a way of enticing (aka – nagging) me until I give in! First, she grabs all my toys and taunts me with them…

…then she butts into me pushing me all around the yard…

…and then she grabs my favorite tug toy and tosses it in my face! What can a guy do? I had to play …

And I’m glad she got me excited about playing…it felt good to rumble with her for a bit before we headed out on another walk (which involved wearing the dreaded boot again!).

I walked (slightly limped) Gemma through the park and then home where her papa gave me some needed and well earned sympathy and then Gretchen and I headed off to Saber’s house.

Saber was also raring to go and when he saw that Gretchen brought along the long line and that I was wearing a boot he asked, “What gives, Rubin?”

“Don’t worry,” Gretchen told him, “We’re going to try to play some fetch with my wounded friend here and this really long leash so you can practice your recall commands.”

“Oh boy oh boy oh boy,” Saber bounced and off we went to the little field for some fetch.

Okay, so yes, my foot hurts but the dreaded boot really does help. I mean, I just sliced the pad of my paw and as long as the ground isn’t rough and my foot is protected, I’m good for playing fetch!

But it was warm today and both Saber and I tired out pretty quickly, so we headed out on our walk, which ended up back at our house whereupon I was ordered to rest and recover yet again. Gretchen walked Saber home and then headed south to visit Ollie, Playa, and Doodles.

Doodles is a nervous dog and though they had planned not to walk him today, the plan changed when they got there — Doodles was kind of interested in the idea of a walk. Playa certainly was — she jumped into the car the second the door opened and Ollie? He’s always ready for just about any old adventure!

So off they went, first to the tennis courts for some fetch…

…and posing…

…and where Gretchen worked on getting the nervous Doodles to allow some scratches on his chest…

Of course, Ollie was curious so he got close, too!

And finally, everyone wanted to get in the shot…

…then up to the Chief Sealth trail where the dogs put their noses to the wind and took in the glorious scent of spring!

According to Gretchen, the day was a success as far as Doodles was concerned. Not only did she get to pet him, he actually let her pick him up and carry him through the rough patch on the trail. Way to go, Doodles!

While I was hoping for some more activity this afternoon, I was forced to rest up some more and even though I felt pretty good, the only action I got tonight was some cuddling. I’m not complaining…cuddling is pretty nice…but I sure hope I heal up so I can really go out and play hard soon!

Until then, I’m going to keep milking it…don’t let Gretchen know!

Until tomorrow,


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