March 22, 2010

What’s Missing

You might think that rain is what’s missing and while that’s true, what was really missing today was me.

It all started out okay — I got up, did my business, walked to school, taught the kids, and then walked home — but on that walk home I stepped on something sharp and when I looked at my right front paw, I was bleeding.

Not badly, but enough to make Gretchen a little worried. I worried too. I’m a pretty tough fellow, but whatever “bit” me, sliced the pad on my paw and the blood came gushing out. We continued to hobble home whereupon Gretchen cleaned my wound thoroughly and then, much to my dismay, wrapped it in a sock.

Yes, in a sock! She had to go walk Rosie and Tyson and she didn’t want me licking at the bloody wound while she was away. Instead, I sat in my bed by the door, held up my socked and sore paw, and awaited her return.

She fetched a happy duo — Tyson and Rosie — and they headed out in the sun. Yes, the sun because remember, while I was missing so was the rain. Everyone was surprised since the weather person predicted rain for most of the day and clearing only in the afternoon. Well, the clearing, or what I like to think of as the lack of rain because clouds were still in the sky, stuck around and all of Gretchen’s walks (sans me) were in warm temps and sunshine. Everyone liked that particularly Rosie and Tyson who soaked up the warmth while begging for their treats!

Why is it that Tyson always has the same look on his face? Gretchen tells me that she tried to get Rosie to smile (now that she’s feeling better), but somehow the treats make them both very serious. I’m so glad Rosie is feeling better. It gives me hope for my recovery.

After Tyson and Rosie went home, Gretchen decided to check on me. I was right where she left me — curled up in my bed with my socked paw hanging awkwardly to the side. Since the bleeding had stopped, she removed the sock and I felt happy enough to eat my breakfast, but only barely because I knew this meant I would be house bound while she enjoyed our canine friends and the unexpected sunshine.


Oshi and Perrito were next and they raced up the street the moment they were let out of the house. There’s a lot of remodeling going on over there and I think the boys just wanted to spend some time in the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

They walked through the park and then headed over to the pea patch where Perrito flopped himself down on some flowers and Oshi did everything he could to avoid the camera. Still, you can tell that they both are enjoying the sunshine. Sure wish I could have!

After Oshi and Perrito Gretchen stopped by one more time to check on my paw. Actually, I think she was checking up on me making certain I wasn’t licking my wound raw. Nope, I was a good boy and gave her my most sorrowful look and limped across the room to stick my head between her knees — the best place to receive sympathy!

And off she went again. This time she picked up Gemma and then they walked over to get Gemma’s boyfriend, Saber. The hope was to put the long line on Saber and let the two play at the little field, but other dogs were out (none to friendly, according to Gretchen) so they went to see if anyone was playing tennis at the courts. Amazingly, they weren’t so the two wore themselves out chasing and racing in the sun.

Saber always lies down when he’s tired and he usually gets tired in the first ten minutes. Gemma, on the other hand, rarely gets tired, but today’s warm weather and the fact that they ran themselves silly even tired out Ms. Energetic. Take a look, folks. It’s a rarity to see the little red head taking a rest! Even Saber was shocked and barked at her to keep running, which eventually she did, but only after a brief respite.

Of course, the best way to show how tired they were…

Once they were sufficiently worn out, they all went for a nice, slow walk. Gretchen thought about coming by to have them visit me, but thought it best that I remain quiet and calm.


By the time she did get home, I was really miffed that on this glorious day, I had to stay home. So Gretchen pulled my bed out onto the porch and let me rest out there. That was nice of her, so nice in fact, I didn’t stay mad at her for long.

We ended the day with a trip to the vet. Gretchen thought she could just pick up some ointment for my wound, but it was slow day at the doctor’s office and they thought it best to see me. Darn it! I even had to have my temperature taken and while everyone agreed I’d be okay in a few days, I did find out that I’ve gained almost two pounds. Wow! I guess that food Gretchen’s making for me these days really is helping out, though I think I heard her mention she’d be cutting back on the portions for a bit.

Darn it!

So while no one missed the rain today, I think my friends missed me. I certainly missed them and am doing everything in my power to heal up fast so I can get back at my job because that’s what I missed the most — working!

Until tomorrow (I hope!),


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