March 12, 2010

Let’s Face It

No rain today. That means photos. And today Gretchen focused on faces. First up, a walk with Gemma and Monty. And boy, did we ever have to face the wind!

Three friends facing the fact that the wind makes our eyes squint.
The Call the Wind Monty...
Yeah, but have you seen my tail?
Pretty cool, yes?
How do you spell the sound a tongue makes?

Then Gemma got to walk with the boys who gave some pretty funny faces on their own accord.

Ar, matey!
Who me?
I can tal, my mouphhh isth fulph...
My words are flying backwards and getting caught in my fur!
You see that? Squirrel ya think, maybe?
I good dog, good dog. I stay. I stay.
Dose tweets make me drool.
I still good dog. Yep, yep, yep!

And finally Saber who would rather play with his friends then go on long walks, but he still was a good boy all the same.

Yes, I’m tired. Long week and I’m ready for the weekend. Hope you are too!

Have a good one,


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