March 15, 2010

Ides of March

Beware a dog who knows his history. Yes, I am such a dog reading historical tomes whenever I’m left home alone. I’m not allowed on the computer, though, without human supervision, but today Gretchen made an exception since I’ve grown interested in Roman history lately. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s all those shows Gretchen watches on PBS. I might look like I’m sleeping on my bed, but I’m actually listening intently to the history of humans.

What a fascinating species. Dog history is so much more simple, the rules and behaviors far more predictable, but not so with human history. One never knows what will happen next.

Take Julius Caesar. I don’t know if it’s technically right, but 2054 years ago, Jules, the Roman Emperor, was assassinated by like 60 guys in white robes.  First, wearing white when you’re about to stab someone seems a bit over dramatic, but I’m learning that theatrics are as much a part of human history as revenge. Next, he was murdered by some of his so-called allies and/or friends. Yes, even Brutus who Jules had reared like his own son (and with whose mother he as having an affair), stabbed the Emperor.

So much for loyalty.

And then there’s this whole Ides thingy — some soothsayer telling Caesar to “beware the Ides of March,” which feels like an understatement given that the Emperor was stabbed to death by his so-called friends dressed in their poor choice of white.

Dog history isn’t nearly as exciting, or dare I say, dim-witted as human history. Okay, so I’ll admit that was an uncharacteristically harsh judgment on my part, but when you read (and watch) as much history as I do, well you begin to wonder how the human species has survived all these years. It’s amazing they haven’t done themselves in what with wrong-headed wars, corrupt politics, ravaging diseases, and the inability to learn from their mistakes.

If dogs ruled the world things would be different. Or so I’d like to think, but I’m not sure we’re ever going to get the chance since we’re kind of dependent upon humans for our own survival.  I should be grateful since canine dependence on humans means that I have a job — a dog dog walker — and today was a perfect example of my dependence.

It started with Tyson. (Well, it actually started with my own individual walk with Gretchen who had the day off from teaching, which means I had the day off from teaching…a much needed break!) Usually, Gretchen walks both Tyson and his sister, Rosie, but unfortunately Rosie’s hurt her fragile back. Poor girl. She’s medicated and resting comfortably, but an ambitious walk in the sun with her brother was not on the docket today.

Instead, Gretchen got to walk Tyson alone, which is something she’s never done before. Tyson is very different than his sister — he’s much more serious– and, as you can see, has a very Roman appearance. How fitting given the day.

Tyson enjoyed his alone walk. Gretchen did, too, but she was sad that Rosie felt crummy today and gave her some extra loving when she returned Tyson back home. Rosie appreciated it and hopes to be back out tomorrow for a short, slow walk.

After dropping off Tyson, Gretchen picked up a rambunctious Gemma who, despite her crummy tummy last week, was in tip top Gemma shape today. She happily walked with Gretchen over to Oshi and Perrito’s house where the boys bounded out the door excited to see the unexpected sunshine and the red-headed Gemma. Their walk took them over to Judkins Park where they tried to abide by Gretchen’s photographic directives without much success.

Instead, they were more focused on the idea of racing around the big open field without their leashes on. Sorry kids — it’s not going to happen.

Gemma dropped off the boys and then came over to our house where we rolled around in the backyard and chased each other for a bit. No photos since Gretchen was eating a bit of lunch before we headed out again for our walk. Eventually, we ended up at Gemma’s house where she waved goodbye to us from her front window. (Hey Gretchen? Yes? You need to get a photo of that. Yes, yes I do. Thanks for the reminder. No problem. Just saying.)

We walked over to get Saber after our outing with Gemma and he was another pup raring to go! Surprisingly, the tennis courts were free (for a short while) and Saber and I got to play some fetch and keep away — two of Saber’s favorite games.

Then we went for a walk because those tennis players showed up. That was okay because the temperature was warm and frankly, Saber was wearing me out.

Our walk took us down by the lake and then up through the pea patch where Gretchen posed us by the daffodils under the bridge. Saber wasn’t as thrilled by the idea, but did his best (as did I) to do as he was told.

We walked up over the hill back to Saber’s house then and by the time he got in the door, he was ready for his afternoon nap. This unexpected warm weather can really take it out of you! I was happy, too, to be able to rest at my house while Gretchen went off to meet some new clients.


…and Doodles…

…who are friends/relatives of Ollie, whose family is in transition between selling their house and hoping to buy a new one.

It was a short walk, but tomorrow, it will be longer so stay tuned for more stories and photos of Ollie and his extended family.

The afternoon was spent with me reading more about Roman History and Gretchen working on some new Italian food (we each have our own way of acknowledging this historical day!). I’ve heard hints that we might go out again, but I need to check with the soothsayer to find out for sure!

Until tomorrow!


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