February 1, 2010

Hey, Where Did January Go?

Don’t blink. I mean seriously, don’t blink. February is a short month and if you blink, you’ll be sure to miss it. I didn’t blink in January, but it feels like it zipped by faster than Perrito chasing after me! Not sure how that happened, but when I got up this morning, Gretchen said, “Happy February!” and I looked at her and said, “Hey, where did January go?”

She just laughed at me, but then reminded me, “But February is a great month, Rubin. It’s your birthday month!”

Oh yeah! How could I forget? I was born at the end of February so I have a ways to go, but when the 28th rolls around, I’m going to celebrate my third birthday with a wild party! I’ll be sure Gretchen takes pictures to document the occasion.

But until then, well, there is work to be done even in February!

It started at school where all the students wore their pajamas today. It’s Spirit Week and that means every day has a different theme. Pajama Day on a Monday was perfect. Everyone was kind of laid back and quiet, which is a perfect way to start a new week of a new month, don’t you think?

Gretchen dropped me off at home, which was good because I was both hungry and tired. We had a busy weekend, especially on Sunday when I got to go play at my favorite off-leash park  in the morning (see first photo) and then play with all my good friends in the evening. It was good to eat my breakfast this morning and then curl up in my bed while Gretchen walked Rosie and Tyson.

They got to walk for a bit, but then they headed over to the tennis courts because Tyson kept nudging the ball in Gretchen’s backpack saying, “Do we, huh? Do we, do we, do we get to play?” Eventually she gave in and the three of them played and posed!

Tyson even tried to figure out how to pick up two tennis balls in his mouth…

…and Rosie danced around a tennis ball like a goof, wanting to play with it, but not quite certain!

They headed home with Tyson still nudging the tennis balls in the backpack saying, “Let’s do it again, okay, okay, okay?” Gretchen promised that she’d take them next Monday since it’s only Tyson who likes to fetch and Rosie just likes to run around after him.

Gretchen picked up Gemma on her way over to the boys’ house — Oshi and Perrito. The three of them can be a handful on the leash, but with a bit of finesse, Gretchen lead them all up the street for a visit to school because she’d forgotten something there. Everyone waited outside while she popped into the classroom to retrieve her forgotten item!

Then they wiggled and tangled their leashes on their way down through the other side of the neighborhood. Oshi and Perrito were happy to be home, while Gemma came over to fetch me. We walked her home and then I walked over with Gretchen to pick up Saber.

Boy, I tell you, that guy gains about 5 pounds every weekend. It may not look like he’s getting bigger, but when he’s slamming his body next to yours, you notice! All the places where we like to play off-leash were busy today, so we went for a walk and to the secret trail where we got to be off-leash for a little bit. I wasn’t into playing chase though Saber kept nudging me to do so. I was still tired so we just sniffed and smelled. Well, I did. Saber ran up and down the trail saying, “Come on, Rubin, play with me!”

I must be getting older. A year ago, I’d have taken the bait, but not today. Today I’m still tired from January (as in yesterday). “I need to conserve my energy for February,” I told Saber. He didn’t seem to mind. He played by himself pretty well. I guess he’s getting older, too.

When I got home from work, I curled up under the desk while Gretchen paid some bills, answered some emails, and ate her lunch. Good thing Mondays aren’t too busy. It’s given me time to recover from January’s end and pace myself for what I’m sure will be a speedy February!

Until Tomorrow,


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