January 29, 2010

A Friday in Poem

Fridays come but once a week

The end of something, though not its peak

While Mondays are slow to go and to start

Fridays take extra effort and more heart

Our feet are tired and our legs are sore

And the weekend is something we long for

But first the Friday must we traverse

And though it’s hard, it could be worse

There could be no Saturday so we could sleep in

Or long, slow Sunday where we wash our sins

While Friday’s hard, I’m glad for the day

And ours was quite nice, it went this way:

First was Monty all bouncy with glee

He knew he was walking over to see me

Then Oshi and Perrito joined our group

We all walked around until we pooped

We smiled and smelled and posed on a rock

Pleased there was no rain, oh what a shock

The boys looked good in their fancy new dos

And on our walk, they sure did cruise

But home they went to a warm retreat

While Monty and I were served something to eat

Gretchen walked Rosie down through the park

And she sniffed and she smelled, but she never did bark

She wagged her tail at each smell she found

But it’s so little it doesn’t quite go round

It wiggles a bit and sticks right out

Making her look like she’s got some clout

She scrunched up her face after a tasty snack

And trotted along on their way back

Once in the house her belly was scratched

While treats were left for her to snatch

Gemma was next and yes, in a hurrry

She raced to Saber’s with his coat of gray furry

They walked and they cuddled at the end of their tethers

And talked about love, and not about the weather

The courts where they played were busy indeed

Where two people rode a rolling flat-like steed

Well that’s what I’d call it though skateboard’s the name

And for Gemma, good grief, oh what a game

She chased those boards but kept her distance

Not trusting the wheels, not for an instant

Saber chased Gemma because he could not understand

Her fixation so great, her focus so grand

“Play with me,” he cried in the drops of rain

But Gemma was gone like a mighty fast train

She raced and she raced around in a circle

That she didn’t get dizzy is sure quite a miracle

Saber raced too but he didn’t know why

Though he had fun slobbering up Gemma’s red thigh

They went for a walk up on the ridge

And through the gardens, across the bridge

They posed together after a stop at the fountain

While staring at the distant snow covered mountains

Then back to their homes they each did go

While Monty and I waited to go

And go we went once Gretchen returned

To the small little park where we each took a turn

Chasing the ball and bringing it back

Then dropping the ball in return for a snack

We huffed and we puffed our way back home

Where I sat down and wrote this poem

Friday, you see, is quite fun to end

And I’m very thankful I have all these friends.

Have a great weekend!


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