December 17, 2009

3dogsTechnical Difficulties

Well, it’s early morning, the day after this blog was supposed to be posted. I’ve just learned how to fix a lot of things on the computer though I’m not sure the information will serve me in any useful way in the future. Basically, I’m behind schedule and for that, I apologize. I must also apologize for the fact that this will be a shortened blog because today is as busy as yesterday and time cannot expand.

So quickly, here’s what we did yesterday…though think of it as today if you want…

Woobie spent the day with us so we all got to go to school, which pleased just about everyone. Then we picked up Ollie, dropped me off at home (breakfast time) while Ollie and Woobie walked over to get Gemma…and let the fun begin.








Gemma and Woobie walked Ollie home, then Gemma walked Woobie home (where I was waiting excitedly) and finally Gemma headed back to her own house.

Next up was Rosie who just wanted to look at the views of the city! “No rain,” she observed, and she was absolutely right about that. No rain.

the view



They walked up to the gardens and then headed back to Rosie’s house and then Gretchen headed home to us. We all went up to Alice’s house and went on a walk up on the ridge together. We all sure get along! And oh what good dogs we are.


Alice went home and then Woobie and I went back to our house while Gretchen picked up Saber. He was bummed that he had to walk by himself, but when they came across Stella at the tennis courts, he showed off his fetching skills to the beautiful, older woman.






Gretchen got fascinated by Saber’s growing feet/paws. Yes, he’s getting mighty big. She even put her large foot (size 10 and in boots!) next to his just to show how big he’s getting!


I’m not sure she was that impressed, but it wore him out enough that Gretchen could take him for a nice walk back up to the gardens and then home.

Woobie and I got to go north in the car while Gretchen had a massage. She needed it. Heck, I need it, but I think I’m scheduled for tonight as a reward for my hard work this week.  But this is a yesterday today and not the real today today so I’ll hold off writing the rest until later.

Cross your paws that we don’t have anymore technical difficulties!



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