December 16, 2009

porch1Every Intention

Today we had every intention of taking photographs, but as you can see these photos of our back porch and kitchen window illustrate the amount of water falling from the skies. Gretchen decided NOT to get her camera wet, even though halfway through walking Gemma and Saber the rain stopped, it started up again with a vengeance in the afternoon.

Other items were on our agenda, too. I’m not allowed to use the computer except under supervision. Supervision was hard this evening because Gretchen had to attend her school’s performance and Ann had to go out for her holiday shopping. Therefore, it was the computer and me staring at each other waiting for someone to tell us we could get to work.

Not much work since there are no photos, really, to upload and no fun commentary about the said photos.


There’s only this:

Monty and me on a walk this morning…in the pouring down rain.

Lunch while Gretchen walked Gemma to Saber’s house and then to the tennis courts where it rained a bit, but not too much. Too bad because if Gretchen had packed up her camera should would have had some funny photos of the two lovebirds — Gemma tugging at Saber’s collar and Saber shoveling Gemma around the tennis courts like a Sumo wrestler. Saber was so tired from his romp, he just flopped down about a block away from his house. It took a lot of treats to get him home and once there, he flopped into his crate with a happy smile on his face.

Gemma got to continue on a walk with the sponges…I mean, dogs next door. Luckily, the rain was light though by the time the boys made it back to Gemma’s house and then home again, the rain really picked up again. Not much to do but towel everyone off.

Gretchen came home pretty soaked, changed into her third set of rain gear, ate some lunch, and then took Monty and me out for a game of fetch before we headed over to Saber’s house…once again. He was sound asleep when Gretchen opened the door, rolled over on his back like a baby.

But that didn’t stop him from being excited to see us and off on a walk we went, dodging raindrops the whole way.

While we didn’t have a camera to document the whole craziness of the day, hopefully you were able to picture our wet excursions anyway. Here though, is another photo of the back porch…wet, rainy, and dark as it reflects the sky.


Until tomorrow!


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