December 14, 2009

bummerNo Snow, Rain

I am a dog who loves the snow. I love to swim, too, but the snow is extra special in my book. So when the weather folks starting pounding the drums warning us of 6 inches of snow, I was beside myself with excitement.

I know humans don’t like snow much. Anything that stops them from using their cars they consider a pain, but for me, snow is gift from the dogs and I relish the thought of it.rosie

When I woke up this morning, I looked at the sky because that is where the first signs always arrive. When it has snowed, the sky is bright white as if someone has set the earth a-light and the globe we rest on ignites the heavens. But this morning, no ignition, no glowing sky. And I was said because it meant no snow.

Still, I looked out the window just in case. And what did I see? Rain. Bummer. But that, of course, didn’t stop us from working. First our time at school where the students read their stories to me and then to walking. First up? Rosie and Tyson. I rested at home while Gretchen took them out for a walk up on the ridge and then down through the park. Gretchen hasn’t seen Tyson for awhile so she had him pose his most elegant pose with the foggy, rainy city behind him.


Rosie wasn’t much interested in posing. She was mostly interested in the sounds across the street and the treats in Gretchen’s pocket.


After they went home, Gretchen picked up Gemma who is having her house bathroom remodeled. Gemma didn’t seem disturbed by the strange men in her house, but was very excited to know that she’d be going on a walk with Gretchen AND with Oshi and Perrito.

Of course, once they all head out it really, really started to rain! See Gemma’s ears? She keeps them down so they don’t get so wet!


It didn’t stop Perrito though. He chased Gemma and pushed the ball around the court while Oshi begged to go home! Oshi doesn’t do snow, rain, wind, or anything cold. He’d rather be on a beach in Hawaii.

chasegot it!




After Oshi and Perrito got toweled off, Gemma came over to our house to pick me up and the two of us walked through the park and eventually back to her house. We were going to play fetch or at least get a photo together, but the rain was miserable by then so we just walked.

After Gemma we got a little lunch. Gretchen did some work while I dried off and warmed up before we headed over to Saber’s house. Luckily for us, the rain had stopped and while I was still hoping for snow, it was nice to not get so wet.

Saber and I played at the tennis courts for awhile.




And while we played, Gretchen spotted the hawk she’s seen over the past few weeks. The lighting has been all wrong and she’s never been able to get close enough to identify it, but she did try to take a photo of the big bird in the tree by the courts with a crow pestering it to fly away.


Later we went for a walk up to the gardens where Gretchen tried to pose us near the sign so the foggy city was in the background. Hard to see the city or the fog, but we’re pretty cute, aren’t we?


And on our way back down from the gardens, we spotted that hawk again. This time it sat perched on the fence and while Gretchen didn’t have her camera accessible, she finally identified that bird as a red tailed hawk. We got within 10 feet of it before it flew off to a tree high above us. Amazing!

The weather forecast says they’ll be a smidge of snow tonight, but nothing’s predicted to stick. Bummer. I sure hope they’re wrong, but that sky is looking pretty dark!

Until Tomorrow,


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