December 15, 2009

schoolyardIndoor Recess

Rosie was not the first walk of the day, but this photo exemplifies the kind of day we had. Wet, lonely, and wet. When Gretchen walks Rosie through the park, they often stop by the schoolyard where the kids usually come running over to point at us or ask if they cay pet us. Rosie loves this so she often gets quite gleeful when they round the corner to the playground.

But today it was indoor recess. No kids, no pointing, no points, and not questions — “How old is that dog?” “Is that a boy or a girl?” “Why does she have on a coat?” — and on and on and on. Nope the kids were at indoor recess.buddies

We, unfortunately, don’t get that option. When it rains, we go outside anyway. Today was such a day. Very wet and even though the temperatures are warmer than they’ve been, the wetness made it mighty cold. Brrrrrr.

Our day started with school and amazingly, we walked there and back NOT in the rain. We brought Ollie home with us, as is our routine, so I could be left behind to eat my breakfast (which I didn’t eat until 1:30 this afternoon…I know, I’m very picky).  Ollie and Gretchen headed over to Saber’s house where they picked up the big boy for a walk down through the tunnel, along the lake, and then up through Frink Park. And yes, it started to rain right in the middle of their walk.

Saber loves Frink Park, but when he saw all the stairs they had to hike up, he was a bit worried.

big stairs

Saber dropped Ollie off at home (a bit wet, but not too bad) and then walked with Gretchen back to his house. He was happy to get out of the rain and rest up until we met him later in the afternoon.

That’s when Gretchen headed up to Rosie’s house and then walked, raincoats and all, through the park and around to the school. Rosie was none too pleased to find the playground empty, but she gave a big sigh and let it go, especially since the rain was really coming down by then.


wetdogI miss them!


Rosie got wiped off at home and then Gretchen headed to Gemma’s house. Because of the rain, Gemma had to wear her raincoat so by the time they made it back to our house, I was worried I’d have to wear my raincoat, too. Not sure why I didn’t wear it, but Gretchen just leashed me up and the three of us headed over to the tennis courts to play some wet fetch! Well, Gemma doesn’t play fetch. She plays “stalk Rubin” and she is very good at it! She pops out of nowhere scaring me half to death!



We took Gemma for a short walk after our romp and then we headed home so both Gretchen and I could eat lunch. My required a sprinkling of cheese before I ate it, but give Gretchen enough of the “sad eyes” and I get my cheese!

Finally, the rain really started to come down when we headed over to Saber’s house for the last walk of the day. I thought for sure I’d be wearing the raincoat, but still Gretchen held off.

Saber and I played at the tennis courts too, but since it was raining so hard, we didn’t get a ton of photos. Can you see all that water on the courts? It’s more like a pool than a tennis court these days!




Saber and I went for a short walk as well and then we kenneled Saber again before heading home where I was rubbed relatively dry and then loaded into the car for agility class. Good thing the arena is covered. I know for sure I’d have to wear a raincoat if it wasn’t covered!

Stay dry — until tomorrow,


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