November 9, 2009

You Smell Like a Wet Human

It was wet again today, but not as wet as last week. Of course, it’s only Monday. Who knows what the rest of the week will bring, but today, it smelled like wet human. Of course, that would be Gretchen. She got mighty wet today and the smell was pretty bad. Sorry, Gretchen, but it’s true. Everyone always tells me that dogs smell bad when they’re wet, but frankly, I don’t even smell it when I’m wet and I know my sense of smell is far superior to that of any humans.

But since I love Gretchen and since I love my work, I put up with the smell as best I could.

The day started rain and while I got a short walk in the morning, I didn’t go out with Gretchen when she suited up Rosie and Tyson in their fashionable raincoats and played at the Judkins tennis courts. Of all the dogs we walked today, those two got most of the rain and neither of them was very happy about it.

Gretchen wasn’t either because lots of rain means very few photographs…but here’s what we’ve got! Tyson questioning why they are out in the rain and Rosie trying to shake it off!  Notice those rain drops!

that's rain


Playing fetch…



Unfortunately, those are the only photos Gretchen got because everything was getting soggy — especially Gretchen!

Next up were Oshi and Perrito and this time I got to go with them…only I had to wear my raincoat! I really didn’t understand why because 10 minutes into our walk, it stopped raining! Still, it was pretty wet and since Gretchen didn’t change out of her wet clothes into dry clothes, she was smelling pretty ripe.


While it stopped raining by the time we got to the tennis courts, it was still pretty wet and Oshi was none too pleased. Perrito was just interested in figuring out how to pick up the big orange and blue ball, which he eventually mastered!



I wasn’t too happy either. I mean, here I was, playing my favorite game wearing the dreaded raincoat and it’s not even raining. I tried to peel that thing right off me, but it just wouldn’t budge!

come off!

And still Perrito tried to figure out which ball was the smallest!


After we dried off from that walk, we picked up Saber. By then it wasn’t raining at all so we headed out on a nice walk circling back around to the tennis courts because Saber was mighty energetic. See the sunshine? Ahhhh, that was very nice.



And then Michael and Desi showed up and we all had fun in the sun!



Well, Desi didn’t have as much fun as Saber and I did. He’s kind of a shy guy. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen him run around with the best of them, but he’s very choosy about where and with whom he’ll run around. Saber kept trying though. Desi just wasn’t buying…at least, not today.



Eventually Michael and Desi moseyed on and Saber started to slow down. Then it was time for our treat before we walked a tired Saber home in the glow of the afternoon sun.

Oh…and in the wake of a wet human.


Until tomorrow!


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