November 6, 2009

jumpingStarting Out with a Bang!

We headed out this morning for a short walk. I was going to stay home for awhile and Gretchen was going to put her last day of teaching in for the week. As we walked, the sky opened up and the Dogs threw every ounce of water they possessed down on us. I mean every last drop. And then, about a block from home, a huge light in the sky bolted across the black-gray clouds followed almost instantly by a loud crack and rumble that lifted me right off the ground.

I freaked. I bolted straight for the gate, extending my leash into a taut line of nerves. Yes, even though I come across as a tough dog, I was scared right out of my curls. There was no way I was going to go to school with Gretchen this morning. Even if she wanted to take me, I was just fine curled up in my bed at home.

Wow, what a way to start the day.

Luckily, that was the worst of it. By the time Gretchen got back from teaching, there was wind, but the rain had pretty much stopped. So we picked up Monty and Quillette and went for walk up on the hill and then back home. Gretchen left us there while she walked Saber, all by his lonesome, and they walked back up the hill to the tractor in the garden.


Saber, apparently, has a really good STAY command as Gretchen stepped back and snapped as many photos as she could of Saber on the tractor…

good staypeekaboo

…and then Saber on the Salmon bench.


They wandered their way through the neighborhoods on the hill and then they headed by to Saber’s house. Next up were Rosie and Tyson and Gretchen could see the black clouds gathering on the horizon. They walked through the park quickly and then she stopped at the tennis courts to see it they wanted to romp and romp they did! Who knew Tyson liked to play fetch?




After she dropped Tyson and Rosie off, she raced back home to the house next door where the boys, Oshi and Perrito, were thrilled to see her. Well, they were only thrilled for the first 5 minutes of the walk because those black clouds that threatened earlier, opened up with full force. She cut their walk short (after they’d done their business), took them back home, toweled them off, and promised she’d come back one more time in the afternoon to finish their time together. The boys were just happy to be in a warm house curled up in their beds!

Gretchen waited at home with Quillette, Monty and me (we all ate some warm lunch) for the rain to stop and when it did, she tried to pick up Oshi and Perrito again. They were having none of it. They just laid there and looked at her like she was crazy, so she came back to the house and got Monty and me. All of us went for a short walk and then Gretchen captured us on the porch in a weird light.


Yes, that’s sun on the leaves and sun on the porch. It felt really nice. I mean, really really nice.

It made Quillette fall asleep and Monty all itchy. Me? I just wanted to go play in it!


We walked over to Saber’s house again and then for a walk through the park. We ended up at the tennis courts for some wild and crazy times, just as the sun was making a glorious appearance.







And then, if the sunshine weren’t enough, then Gemma and her dads showed up!


Monty played, though it took some nagging from me, but he really just wanted to hang out on his bench and look beautiful in the afternoon soon. Heck, we all looked kind of beautiful in the sun!

looking goodthreedogs



We took Saber home after that then raced to the school to meet up with our student only to find out that our student didn’t have a good day. Bummer. So, home we went and Gretchen tried one more time to take the boys next door out. They were a bit more willing, but not super willing.



The second she sent them back into their house, the skies opened up one more time and she got soaked just running from their house to ours — and we live right next door!

There are predictions of more flashes and big bangs scheduled for tonight. I am not looking forward to it, though I am looking forward to the weekend. Hope you are, too.

Until Monday,


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