November 23, 2009

Can you define “easy day?”


I woke up to Gretchen nudging me this morning, “Hey, Buddy, you need to get up. We’ve got to go to work.” I was dreaming about Thanksgiving — turkey and gravy, fallen tidbits, and family love. It was a nice dream, but then I realized it was Monday and we had to go to work. I moaned, rolled over on my back, because I always get a belly rub in the morning, and Gretchen said, “Don’t worry though. We have an easy day ahead of us.”

So I didn’t worry. I walked to school with Gretchen, hung out with the kids who read and wrote and gave me lots of pets, and then rested back home while Gretchen went on a walk with Rosie and Tyson. Originally, Rosie and Tyson weren’t on the schedule, but their parents had a change of plans and so they got put back on the schedule. I usually don’t walk with them so I rested, ate my breakfast, and waited for Gretchen to return for our “easy” day.

Rosie and Tyson got to visit the tennis courts today before they headed out for a longer walk through the park. Tyson LOVES to play fetch. Rosie likes to give Gretchen those pleading eyes hoping that treats fall out of her pockets and into Rosie’s mouth. Tyson can plead, too.

Tyson fetchbeggingeyes



When Gretchen got back from her time with Rosie and Tyson, she leashed me up for a walk with Oshi and Perrito, but instead of just walking, we headed up to Dog Mania– THE GROOMER!  Wait one minute, I thought to myself, wasn’t I just here? But it wasn’t me that was scheduled for a grooming. It was the boys’ turn. Before they “went in” Gretchen took pictures of us on the large boulder on the steps to the groomer. Since we weren’t the ones to pick them up, you only get to see a “before” pictures. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see the “after.” I’m just glad it wasn’t me going under the scissors!



Once we dropped off the boys, we headed down to Gemma’s house and this is when I realized the day was going to be different than what I imagined. “Gemma wasn’t on the schedule for today,” I said to Gretchen.

“You’re right. It was a last minute addition,” Gretchen explained and then added, “And Woobie, too.”

Oh my. So we picked up Gemma, walked to Woobie’s house, and then walked down to the tennis courts. For those of you who don’t realize the distance of this route, well, it’s a long one and while I was happy to see both Gemma and Woobie as well as get a chance to play at the tennis courts, I was surprised when Bella showed up to play with us.

Whew…this was turning into a busy day.





We dropped a tired Gemma off at her house and then walked back to our house for a bit of lunch. Woobie and I both had a snack while Gretchen ate some leftovers before we headed out the door to pick up Saber. Now Saber was originally on the schedule, but with the two extra dogs earlier in the day, my legs were a bit tired. But there was no time to complain. We headed first to the tennis courts for some play time…



…and then walked Woobie back to her house the long way through the park! Saber was thrilled with the extra time, but once we got back to our house, I went straight to my bed and said in a very irritated voice, “I sure hope tomorrow isn’t this easy!”

Until then,


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