November 24, 2009

Hard to Believe

yawnIn our walks around the neighborhoods of the Central District, we meet a lot of people and see a lot of things. It’s astonishing, really, how much you can learn just walking around with a bunch of dog friends. Today was such a day. While I expected yesterday to be an easy day, it turned out that today was much easier than yesterday. We only had four walks to complete and two were with the same dog, Saber.

The first dog we walked was Ollie. We picked him up after teaching in the morning and ran into his mom who had taken the day off of work. Why? Because she is fostering a dog, a very cute, but stilltoweringvery forward dog named Doris. We didn’t have our camera with us, so we didn’t get a picture of Doris, but after I told her to get out of my face (she’s very, very forward) I got to like the little white dog.

Doris is a rescue from California. According to Ollie’s mom, there are a lot of dogs needing homes in California because of all the fires they’ve experienced. So many poor dogs lost their homes and their families that the rescue shelters are full up. So Ollie and his family are fostering one of the dogs, which means Doris will live with them until she is adopted.

It’s hard to believe that Doris can’t find her family, but hopefully she’ll find a new one soon. Until then, she’s hanging out with Ollie who seems to really like her.

Ollie, his mom, and Doris walked us home where Gretchen fetched her camera and gave me my breakfast. I stayed behind while Ollie and Gretchen walked over to Saber’s house. It’s hard for me to believe that Saber is only 5 months old. I mean, look at the two of them together — Ollie’s over a year old and Saber towers over him.


It’s also hard to believe that Gretchen took this photo only a few months ago…


…which is pretty much the same as this view…

socked in2

…but then it’s hard to believe the kind of weather we’re having lately. Socked in, that’s what Gretchen calls it and today it was definitely socked in. These two didn’t seem to mind, though!

what weather?

Saber walked Ollie up through the Mt. Baker neighborhood and then back to Ollie’s house where they were met by a barking but joyous Doris. Then it was Saber’s turn to head back home until later in the afternoon when we picked him up for a romp.

Before that, though, Gretchen took Rosie out for a walk in the misty rain. When Gretchen showed me the pictures, I was surprised to find out that these two feet both belong to Rosie. Can you see the difference?


Yep, three of her toes have white toenails and one has black. Who knew! Rosie was surprised that Gretchen was so surprised.


Of course, Rosie wasn’t surprised for long. She wanted to smell everything she could get her nose on and then pose for the camera!


After Rosie went home, Gretchen came back and did some cooking while I played sous chef curled up on my kitchen bed, lifting my nose to the scent of bacon. Oh, how I love bacon. If I’m really good, I might just get some in my dinner. Yum, yum!

It’s hard to believe I don’t get bacon for every meal!

Next, we ventured over to Saber’s house for one last romp. We got to play fetch at the tennis courts because the fields are really soggy soggy. It’s hard to believe how saturated the ground is. Since Gretchen is trying to keep me fairly clean before dinner at my grandparents, we had to play at the courts, which was fine with both of us! Playing is playing, isn’t it?

frolicflying by

cute boyearsaloft




Saber went home happy and tired and Gretchen did the best she could to dry him off before he went back into his kennel. It’s hard to believe, but when we take Saber back home, he is so excited to go into his kennel, but there you have it!

Perhaps the hardest to believe is that it’s been two weeks since my last agility class. Boy, have I missed it, but today we headed south to Kent where I got to romp and run, jump and weave once again. Agility makes me very happy, which may be hard for some believe, but trust me — aside from bacon in my dinner, nothing is better than a day of agility!

Until tomorrow,


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