September 9, 2009

The Pack Is Back!

the pack

In some ways, it’s been a long summer. With vacations and travel, it seems like forever since Monty, Quillette, and I have all been together, but today we got to hang out and that was really special.

Quillette is staying with us until her mom returns from some place called India. Sounds interesting, but Gretchen tells me I don’t want to visit because dogs aren’t treated as well there as I am here. Quillette, Ann, and I walked Gretchen to school this morning and then hung out watching the Animal Planet until she got home.

When she arrived, she had Monty in tow. Q was really, really happy to see him and he was equally excited to see her. All three of us went for a walk together and it felt like old times. I was happy to have my pack of friends back home!

After we returned, Gretchen took Quillette and got the boys next door — Oshi and Perrito. They headed over to the playfield park and Quillette pretended to play fetch.

go get itbring it back

As you can see, Perrito is very interested in Quillette. He likes older girls, I guess, because he followed her around the whole time and watched everything she did!


But don’t be deceived by Quillette’s elusiveness. She was well aware of Perrito and even commented on his shapely bum! Oshi was a little shocked by the comment!

nice bumdid you hear that?

Or maybe he was just rushing over to have Quillette take a look at his bum.

mine's nice too

No matter. The three of them were pretty cute today and if we hadn’t had so much work, I’m certain Gretchen would have taken me along.

fun timeshappy dog

But I needed my rest and I needed to eat my breakfast albeit late.  Monty gets lunch so I saved my breakfast and ate it as brunch so he wouldn’t be alone while he dined. Not that being alone would stop Monty from dining.

While we rested and ate, Gretchen walked Rosie. Rosie was feeling frisky so Gretchen headed over to the freeway park and there they played a little running game and Gretchen tried to get more photos of Rosie’s sweet face.

running dogcan we go now?

Because Rosie was kind of frisky, she got a little bored and impatient. She almost fell asleep in the photo shoot and then finally, she just got up and moved in close. Check out those jowls!


Close ups of Rosie truly show what a sweetheart she is. Of course, she was close because she knew Gretchen had treats though she was very happy to get cuddled, give kisses and then get a treat.

close upkisses now?

After Rosie went home, Bella was next. Gretchen gave her a nice walk before they headed back home so I could play a little with Bella. Ironically, she wasn’t interested in playing right away. She was more interested in the neighbors out on their deck having lunch. I was, too! Can you see me in the bushes?

who's that?the neighbors

It didn’t take her long, though, to get down to business and we had a fine romp around the yard and on it as well!



pop up toystaking turns

Bella and I play really well together. I’ve decided she needs my tutelage on how to be a good player so I’ve taken on the role of mentor. She’s responding really well, don’t you think?

good response

We walked Bella home the long way and she did a great job heeling on the leash. Next up, was a surprise. Ollie’s family has been out of town and while they were away, Ollie went to his Grandma’s house. But they returned early and asked if we could squeeze in a play date. For Ollie anything! So we walked up to his house, he leapt and howled and leapt some more and we set out on our walk to pick up Saber.

Saber and Ollie have met once before, but that was with Gemma. Today, it was just the three of us on some empty tennis courts. Let the games begin!

let's play!chasing begins

I know it looks like they started off slow, but trust me, once I played referee, they got into it!


getting into itrumble time

here I comeear man

get the ballcatch me

Eventually though, the playing ended with a summons from Gretchen to get our treats. We were all over that!

bella/ollietreats now

Saber and I walked Ollie home and then we walked back down to Saber’s house. He was pretty tuckered and was more than ready to tuck himself into his kennel for a nap. By the time we got home, I was ready for the same, but Gretchen took the pack out one more time. I could muster up the energy for that since Monty and Quillette are my best friends. Not that I don’t like all the others, but well, they have a special place in my heart, ya know?

Until tomorrow,


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