September 10, 2009

Hey Gretchen, why are you looking so sad?

Oh Rubin, I think my camera broke.

Oh that can’t be good. What’s wrong?

Well, it won’t turn on except sporadically.

What do you think causes that?

I think either the switch that turns it off and on is broken or the battery is kaput!

What’s kaput?

Dead. No longer holding a charge. In essence, not working.

Is that why you don’t have any pictures for my blog post tonight.

Yeah, buddy, I’m really sorry. I know you like commenting on the photos, but unfortunately I don’t have any and I’m not sure how soon I can get the camera up and running.

That IS a bummer. I mean, no one really wants to read my blog. Families just want to see their dogs playing and having a good time while they’re with us.

I do have an alternate camera, but it’s not the best. I’ll pull it out tomorrow if I can’t get this one working.

Weren’t you going to buy a new camera?

Yes, but the one I want is pretty pricey and though I’ve been saving to purchase it, I don’t have enough money yet.

Can’t you use that credit card thingy you’re always using for dog treats and stuff?

I suppose I could, but that’s not always wise.

Why not? It works for the food doesn’t it?

Yes, but even though you eat pretty well, the price of your food isn’t as much as the price of a new camera.

Would it help if I went without food and treats for awhile so you could save up the money faster?

Oh, that’s really sweet of you big guy, but  I’m sure I’ll work something out so you don’t have to sacrifice.

So what should I do about the blog?

I think you should just charm our clients with your quick wit and creative skills at writing.

Wow, thanks for the praise! Does a treat follow that praise?

Aren’t you a funny guy.

It was worth a try. Okay,  I’ll review the day. You chime in when you think of something important, okay?

Okay, but do I get a treat for it?

Ha, you’re the funny one. Okay, first up…wait, it was kind of a weird day, wasn’t it?

How so?

There were a lot of quirks in the schedule.

Oh, like Gemma?

Yeah, poor Gemma who broke her toe and now must not only wear a cast on her leg, but also the put on that Cone of Shame again.

Walking her wasn’t in the plans today. Well, walking her very far wasn’t the plan.

You weren’t there before you pick me up. How was she?

She was very happy to see me, but not very happy about her situation. I have to carry her down the stairs, which I did on my first visit. I just spent some time with her in the backyard. She did her business, but she was really upset about her condition.

I can imagine! She sure gets in a lot of…well, I’m not sure what I’d call it.


Sure, that works. But you saw her twice today?

Yeah, first visit I was alone and the second was with you.

She was happy to see me.

But we had to go slow, didn’t we?

That was probably the slowest walk around the block I’ve ever been on.

That’s because we needed to take care of her toe.

How long  does she have to be like that?

Four to six weeks!


You can say that again.

Ouch! I can’t remember, who came after Gemma?

Another girl in a predicament.

Oh right, Bella, the towel eater!

Yep! I checked on her once, but she only peed when we went for our short walk.

But later, when I played with her and we went for a walk, she had two very nice number twos.

Well said. But no towel or string or anything resembling something she shouldn’t have eaten.

So where did the towel go?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Good thing you’re the one in charge of picking up poo!

Very funny.

You came to get us after your first visits with Bella and Gemma, right?


And then we walked up to get Ollie who is back in town. He’s such an easy going fella.

Yeah, you and Quillette get along really well with Mr. Ollie By Gollie.

He had fun, too. He likes Quillette and really respects her.

Every dog does!

What came after that? Oh yeah, you took Ollie home and then went to visit Rosie. When will I get to meet her?

Well, that could be awhile. She’s a nervous girl.

I’m nervous sometimes. Maybe I could help her overcome her fears?

That’s an idea, but we have to wait until she trusts me completely and then we’ll ask her parents if it would be okay.

Thanks. From the few photos you have of her, I think I’d really like her.

You would. She’s very sweet. Today, in fact, we went for a nice walk and then I stopped to pet her and practice some commands. She got all happy and started kissing me all over my face.


Yes, really and let me tell you, she can lather you up when she kisses.

Now I definitely want to meet her.

Be patient, Rubin, be patient.

Hey, I’m a very patient guy. Look at how patient I am with Bella!

You were extremely patient today.

She had a lot of energy even though you’d walked and worked with her before you arrived at the house.

Yep, but still she wanted to race and wrestle with you.

And I did my job well, didn’t I?

Very well. And when we walked through the park back to her house, you were a great role model for how to behave on the leash.

Still, no towel string in her poop.

Well, we can’t control things like that. That requires a little intestinal magic on Bella’s part.

Intestinal magic? I learn so much from you!

I try!

And then we got to play with Saber. He’s growing so fast.

Super fast and he’s really learning a lot.

Yeah, like how to tackle me.

Well, he’s not in complete command of his body yet. Give him another year!

Another year? Wow, was I that whack-a-doodle when I was his age?

Oh yeah, little buddy. Probably even more whack-a-doodle than he is.

My favorite part of the day though was when we were walking Saber back home after a long walk and a long romp and we ran into your class of students!

Yep, they were on a field trip to the lake and when they raced across the field to say hello, I thought for sure you were going to freak.

It was frightening at first, but when they got near and I figured out who they were, I was very happy to see them.

That was great because it really showed Saber how to handle a gaggle of 10-year olds racing at him!

He loved it. He threw himself into the middle of that gaggle and ate up all their cuddling and kissing.

You looked pretty happy, too!

I was nervous at first, but once I realized who they were, well, I had to just submit to the love.

And then tonight, you, Quillette, Ann and I got to see Saber again when we went out with Monty!

That was super fun, too. Saber’s such a playful pup. It was fun introducing him to all my buddies.

I sure hope we tired him out!

I bet we did. I bet he’s curled up sound asleep on his bed right about now.

That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Yep, really good. But wait…


Does that mean you aren’t so sad about the camera?

Oh buddy, we’ll figure out something. If anything, we’ll get a new camera this weekend and use the old spare one that takes crappy photos tomorrow. Besides, chatting with you tonight lifted my spirits.

My spirits weren’t down at all, but I enjoyed the chat as well.  Life offers us bumps in the road, doesn’t it?

Yep, but you just have to keep moving forward.

That’s what the good dog trainers always say.

And what good dogs know to be the truth.


Goodnight, buddy. Sleep well!

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