August 13, 2009

We’ll Miss HerAnn with dogs

The best part about this summer has been that Ann has joined us on many of our adventures. She did so again today, which allowed us to take all our charges out at one time.

We walked up to Ollie’s house first thing and he was thrilled, as usual, to see all of us ready to go on our adventure. From there, we walked through the neighborhood, down through the parks to Wilson’s house who was also one happy puppy. In fact, he was so happy, he kind of piddled a bit on the driveway, but we didn’t tease him about it. After all, it’s been weeks since we’ve all seen each other. Who can blame the guy?

Getting us all moving forward took a bit of time because Ollie wanted to play right away and Wilson was all for it. If it had just been Gretchen walking us, we would have been a tangled mess in seconds flat, but because Ann came along, we got on our way pretty quickly — straight to the park to play fetch!

Wilson thinks fetch is a wonderful game and is very faithful about getting the ball, bringing it back, and waiting for the next toss.

Fetch timewaiting for the ball

Ollie, on the other hand, likes to chase us more than he likes to chase the ball. He lies in wait and then pounces on us from out of nowhere!

waiting to pouncewaiting

here he comespounce

But none of it deters Wilson and me. We just keep playing. And today, since Ann was with us, she threw the ball and Gretchen took photos!

getting readywaiting2

where is it?after the ball

goofy boygoofy boy2


Gretchen liked being able to focus on photography while Ann managed us. And she didn’t just throw the ball, either!



Yes, we’re all going to miss Ann after she returns to her teaching job, but having her with us this summer has been extra, extra special for all us. Thanks Ann!

Until tomorrow,


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